Living Room #5 Ginkgo Leaves

It looks like we’re finally getting to add something visual to the space – and make a bad view go away as well.

1 original window view

Here was the problem – the two windows on either side of the fireplace have sight views that look directly into the neighbor’s building. So when we were renovating this part I replaced the old double hung windows with new Marvin Ultimate windows that had fixed glass.

2 stained glass window back

To illustrate how long this process is taking – I had these stained glass windows made in 2010! Here is the backside showing the strips of wood that hold the window into the frame. A thin foam strip was added to keep the panels from rattling.

3 glass in frame

I removed the cabinets to make it easier to work on the windows and frames.The stained glass was made by my friend Jules Mominee at Mominee Studios. The design is a popular arts & crafts motif that I modified to fit my windows. I thought the square and rectangular elements in the windows mirrored the original cabinet doors. I had the ginkgo leaves made with bright jade and apple green glass – to make it a happy window.

4 glass in place

I built the frames that hold the glass to fit into the casing opening. A simple square stop was added and nailed in place.

6 window stop detail

This piece is removable if I need to take the glass out for repair.

7 led cabinet lights

Now to make the cabinets a little brighter, I put an led cabinet light from Pegasus Lighting 32″ long and 10W

8 cabinets lit in place.

Cabinets are in, lights are in, windows are in….we’ll just keep marching along.