Living Room #4 Random work

So it’s been some time since my rant about Rehab Addict. I’ve been staying busy – so busy that there’s no time for TV – that will keep my frustration level down to a manageable level.

1 new entryWe start by finishing the original entry casework and drywall. Here you can see the entry in relation to the future wine bar and the sunroom.

2 entry detailThe previous owner had sheathed the window wall with drywall with the original lath – so this made the door a little thicker than usual.

6 door spacer

So plywood spacers were added to get the framing level with the drywall.

5 trim stockAs with all the new trim in the house I use #1 poplar trim – it’s a little more expensive, but paints beautifully.

7 door casing detailThe top and side casing is routed – this creates a stronger joint that is also easy to keep square.

11 door casing pocket screwsAs I’ve done more trim, I’ve gone to pre-assembling the face casings with pocket screws.. This keeps the joints together and allows for very good finish joints.

12 door casing bandingThe back banding was cut from the stock and then trimmed to fit the face casing.

8 paint color 1Before the cabinets were installed I wanted to put the first coat of paint on the walls. I used BM 2125-70 Wedding Veil. Bad move. It was so white that is was blinding. So let’s just call this a primer coat.

9 paint color 2Second attempt was BM OC-18 Dove Wing. It’s a warmer, almost putty color white – but not too yellow. The trim was done in BM 2123-70 Ice Mist in  satin Impervo. It’s a blue – white but works well together.

Next time we’ll get those cabinets installed and add some personality to this room…