Working on the Old House #18 Bathroom Final – for now

Well, I have to get busy on the blog to catch up – I’m nearing a deadline ordered by my wife. Quit playing around with this house so it can be sold. So we’ll speed up these posts, as the potential buyer needs to know what’s behind the paint and carpet.

We’ll paint the bathroom with some really nice paint – Benjamin Moore Aura bathroom paint in Italian Ice Green. I had this picked out for our basement bathroom at Villa, but after painting a test wall, it just didn’t fit. I think it will be perfect here – and a gallon of paint waste is avoided.

A little drywall repair and the new paint is looking like it’s going to be a nice color for the space.

I picked out a simple medicine cabinet and a new light bar for lighting above. The textured clear glass shades visually keep it open and airy.

I went with Life Proof Luxury Vinyl Tile in a Dusk Cherry for the floors. It’s waterproof and has a built in cushion on the back that gives a much more solid feel. It’s a little more expensive, so don’t tell my wife.

My brother owned this house before me – and raised his two daughters with his wife for the first few years. He carefully stripped all of the lead paint off these doors – and all the trim and door through the whole house. But this side is a little too dark for the painted trim and vanity.

So we’ll just paint the one side of this door. No lead paint any more, but paint it we will. Here a good sanding is needed to get the topcoat finish off.

And back to one of my favorite tools. A dulled 2″ wide chisel. I use this for a variety of things – scraping paint out of door trim is one of them.

Then we prime the door for better paint adhesion.

Deep scratches and dings are easily repaired with MH Ready Patch. I’ve used this for years and it’s a great product.

New trim around the door is fabricated. I clamp the side pieces in place with the proper reveal. I then place the top trim and set it flush to one side and mark the opposite side to cut.

I Kreg Screw the top piece to the sides, aligning the top edge with the side. This makes the trim joints tight and they won’t leave a gap when attached to the jambs. I always glue this joint as well for extra strength.

We have all the plumbing and electrical out through the new drywall, so it’s time to put on the water supply stops and vanity drain.

Again, a little more expensive, but quarter turn stops are leak proof and open and close with a – yep you guessed it – a quarter turn. Much better than the screw down valves.

Before the vanity and toilet go back in we need to add the base. Sometime these inside corners are tricky to get the measurements just right.

I use a 10″ block of wood and place in one corner. Run the tape to the opposite wall and add the 10″ for a precise measurement.

The baseboards are in and ready to move on. I always paint all the trim before I install and fill nail holes and caulk the top and touch up after – it’s much faster and and much less work.

Plumbing all in and the toilet works as intended. A little more base trim and we can move on.

This trim by the shower is PVC, so it will be waterproof where water would cause regular wood issues. I’ll trim and fasten with silicone sealant behind this section for more water protection.

Little things left to do in the bathroom, but we’ll more on to the other areas of the house that need attention.

Until next time – stay safe and happy.

4 thoughts on “Working on the Old House #18 Bathroom Final – for now

    • Thank you Morgaine for the additional marketing plug! I could never be a ‘flipper’ of old houses – I’d go broke for certain.

  1. I know it wasn’t what you were going for, but the colors and grain on that sanded door are beautiful! I’d have been tempted to varnish it and use it that way.

    • Yes, my brother stripped all of the lead paint off all of the doors and trim in the house in the early 1980’s when he had this house before me. The grain is beautiful. I sacrificed only one side of the door to paint – but the rest has remained.

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