Working on the Old House #5 The Serendipity Edition

Sometime things go a little crooked – you start out with a plan and it just doesn’t work out. Other times – those rare times – something goes magically right. In my world of existence, this is an almost nonexistent occurrence – but even I get lucky once in awhile. Take this post for instance.

The windows in this old house are original – 1920’s – most painted shut and with cracked glass and some not even in their proper place.

These two windows are on the front of the porch – I knew at least these would have to be replaced to make the home presentable. So I popped out one to check for measurements to order some new replacements.

I took out the second one to double check measurements to make sure they were the same – I learned the hard way in the past that some are not. These were the same, but the numbers seemed vaguely familiar.

If you recall (of course you don’t – it was 2010) I was working on the MisAdventures house and was replacing all the windows in the house. These were in good shape, so I kept all of them to use in a future potting shed for my wife. So out to the garage I went to retrieve one.

I brought it over to the the Old House – and it fit. It didn’t kinda fit – it fit like it was measured and ordered kinda fit. So back to the garage I went to retrieve the rest – there were four more.

So in goes the second.

Some surfacer, caulk and new paint, and these look pretty good.

Then in goes the third window – then the fourth & fifth – all fit. now that’s serendipity!

A little reworking of the interior trim and the old windows are replaced with newer energy efficient windows that actually work.

Since I saved money on these five windows, I thought I’d replace the three front windows as well.

A little more work, some new trim stops and these will be a big improvement over the broken single pane originals.

Inside a little trim, a refresh coat of finish on the woodwork and a dusting of the original valance and the windows are presentable again. So the renovation Gods smiled on me this day – perhaps I’ll get lucky again – time will tell.

19 thoughts on “Working on the Old House #5 The Serendipity Edition

  1. If you live long enough, you’re bound to run into a little luck! You must have been due. I have all the original single-panes in my house. Although a few pieces have been replaced, most have the original wavy glass. The bathroom sink is centered on an exterior wall. Are the two flanking windows the same size? Oh, heck no!

    • Hi D’Arcy – I’m late posting again, but back at it. That’s the thing about old houses. You can never assume anything. I guess they made due with what they had – so who knows what. Here’s hoping a little luck comes your way too!

    • Thanks Jen! I’m not so refined and I sure can’t cook – but I will be putting in a new budget kitchen coming up in this place. Perhaps I’ll snag a recipe or two from your site!

      • Well, with my cooking I’m not sure I’d categorize that as a honor ๐Ÿ™‚ But we’ll see if you have something I could possible make that was edible. Perhaps when I get back to finishing the MisAdventures kitchen….

    • Hi Gill!
      I’m trying to get one straight year without being in the hospital. Well, there’s always 2021. I’m sorry to hear that about Trevor – I hope he is on the mend. He needs to get well to execute all your new inspirational ideas! Please stay safe.

      • Hi Curt
        Great to hear from YOU!
        Trev says thanks so much for understanding his role in my life….
        He’s actually taking up the kitchen floor. I made him put down tile and then I didn’t like it…..
        Stay safe, stay sane , stay sharp

      • Did someone say kitchen floor? I have a post on that coming up on this project – great minds think alike. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe new year!

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