Working on Old House #4 Outside

Well, this is not the most interesting project that I have personally strapped on a tool-belt for, but it will get a little more interesting, I promise.

Let’s do a little work on the exterior before we get back inside to make some cabinets and other fun stuff.

So to start on the outside lets go inside and look at this.

This is a square sheet metal duct for the kitchen – it’s a big square duct running horizontally from the stove area to outside. A surface fan was used on the wall and it was quite the grease pit.

Inside it looked like this after I chucked the fan – it was a mess. So I cleaned it up the best I could and ran a 7″ round duct through the square duct.

As you saw previously in this photo after the new drywall was up in the kitchen. A 7″ duct is in place.

Now we finally go outside. Here is the original exhaust to the kitchen fan. You’d pull down a chain inside on the fan and the exterior flap would open and the fan would start.

So changing out the square flap to a 7″ round duct exhaust vent. I used some PVC trim to make the new vent fit the larger opening.

Now we turn our attention to the roof. Some shingles had blown off a couple years ago which resulted in some deck rot. Here’s the photo after I’ve replaced the decking and some fascia structure. I didn’t have process photos because I was busy working on this solo.

Of course, I couldn’t find the exact same shingles, but fairly close. So after a couple hours we have the roof back to repelling water, like all good roofs should do.

Now we set up some scaffold on the back of the house. It seems the bathroom fan was never properly vented out of the roof. The bath fan just vented into the unfinished attic – not to code – and certainly an invitation to mold.

So after drilling a 6″ hole in the roof and adding the proper vent, we’ll have a way to get the bathroom breathing as it should.

Inside I’ve added the vent and reducer – ready for the new bath fan duct – which will have to wait until I get to the bathroom makeover.

One last item on the exterior to-do list until spring is refreshing the original porch ceiling. It is tongue and groove pine with the original 1920’s finish – the light fixture is original too.

So after a cleaning and a couple coats of gel stain, the ceiling looks like new. And while I was there, I scrapped and prepared the wood box beams and added new paint. I’ll refresh the brick porch in the spring.

So there you are – nothing fancy, or that interesting, but things that needed to be done. Hopefully, the projects will get a little more eye-worthy in future projects. But there’s still plenty of tedious work to be done.

Stay safe.

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