Working on the Old House #3

So to be a little more timely in my posts – here’s another one. Nothing spectacular, but as I bring the old house up to a more livable condition before it is sold, I wanted to record the process so the new owner could review what was done to the old girl. And to show – no matter how hard I try – that I could never be a house flipper. I’ll make economical decisions, but I can’t in good conscience cover up any defects or cut corners. This post shows as close as I can come to being a ‘flipper’

This was a door on the side of the house. An odd place for a door entering into what is now a small bedroom. It at one time had a stair and railings. Not sure why, as it is a small one bathroom home. Perhaps a room rented out during WWII when there were a lot of workers in our city for massive military manufacturing. But whatever the reason, here it is hanging three feet in the air, so I’ve removed the door and we’ll close this wall up for everyone’s saftey.

We’ll start by framing in the opening with 2X6 studs that have been ripped down to match the original wood framing.

Since the home has original clapboard siding under the vinyl, we’ll add a layer of plywood over the wall studs to bring it up level to the siding underneath. .

Inside we’ll finish the framing and prep for insulation.

We’ll add some faced fiberglass insulation.

On the outside, we’ll pull off some of the vinyl siding. And add a little foam insulation to match the existing material.

Here is my economical choice. The siding is 20 years old and is sun faded. I pulled some of the siding off the back of the garage, as it was the closest match. Still very obvious, and I wanted to painting the whole house to get an even color, but I will tell you it has lightened up significantly since it was installed.

Inside, I’ve started to overlay the wall with 1/2″ drywall.

Then a little preliminary tape and compound.

And after a coat of primer the wall is ready for final finishing.

So as I mentioned above, no eye candy here. Just a little more progress – and we won’t have to worry about the door to nowhere anymore.

4 thoughts on “Working on the Old House #3

    • Thanks Barbara – it’s more fun than work to me – but my wife keeps reminding me that this is a ‘for sale’ house, but it’s hard for me to not to fiddle with everything.

    • Hi Morgaine! Well, perfection, maybe not but it’s just like your beautiful art, you get better at it as you go along. I appreciate your thoughts – not it’s on to the roof.

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