And Time to Reappear

Well, did you think I was done? Finished? Pooped Out? A victim of the COVID? Well, not exactly. But my circadian clock must know when May rolls around and thinks it’s best for me to get some more surgery in Nashville during a pandemic. Well, OK. I’m not dying any faster than the rest of you – I’m not infermed to the point of not being able to pick up a hammer and making a mess. No, I’m just a medical hobbyist. So now that I have regained strength and 2X4’s are triple the price of last year, let’s get back to to renovating the old house.

Well, this doesn’t look like much, does it? Well, what do you expect with my IV holes not completely healed yet? The first piece of drywall overlay in the 9′ high ceiling. The blistered and loose plaster was removed to make a level surface for new 1/2″ drywall sheets.

I added the additional sheets of drywall to finish the back wall. I moved the old stove in position and attached the 36″ range hood I purchased 10 years ago to see how we will make this all work out. It will end up better than this mockup, I promise you. The original house had a large square duct with a surface fan to draw out the cooking odors – it did not work. So I’ve run a 7″ round duct through the square duct and now we begin the mental gymnastics to make this look respectable.

While we ponder that conundrum, I’ll sheet the side wall in the kitchen. Settling and age has taken a toll on this wall. I usually remove all the plaster and lath and drywall from the studs, but given my weakened state I opted for the overlay this time. The plaster on the corner chimney bump-out was in good shape, so we’ll just keep it with no overlay.

Of course, nothing is that easy – so this area was so deteriorated the plaster had to come off and a piece of same thickness plywood added before the drywall overlay.

And when you overlay a wall the thickness changes and openings will have to be modified. Here I’ve added a spacer to the door jamb and am in the process of making a new casing trim for the door. I cut the sides to size and clamp in place. Mark the top piece and assemble with kreg screws.

Add a little back band trim and we’re ready to move on.

We now wrap the other wall next to the range hood vent.

Trim out the opening and run the pipe for exhaust. Some tape and compound and we incorporate the new drywall into the existing plaster.

Add a coat of primer and we’re ready to march on. And I hope all of you are marching right along through this unpleasant year. I feel most comfortable right here, toiling away on my little projects. I hope you too find your bliss. Stay safe.

8 thoughts on “And Time to Reappear

  1. Happy to see you back and continuing the updating of the old house. I was wondering how and where you were. Wishing you a complete and total recovery in this crazy year.

    • Hi D’Arcy! I like to pop in to the blog kingdom at least a couple times a year. Stay safe and I’ll try to post a little more often. Stay safe.

  2. Curt!!! Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives we forget about others. Glad your’re doing well and as always I’m still trying to capenter up to your expectations sir! God Bless!

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