So it’s time to pester you some more

My last blog post was October 21 of last year.

Some of you must have thought – “Well, that’s it for the old geezer- he won’t be back” and surprisingly, you would have been mistaken. I will admit 2019 was not a stellar year in the home renovating or health department. I did minimal work on my project last year because the hospital industrial complex missed me and my money. I did several small projects, but nothing that was show & tell worthy.  I did however, work on my old house –  which you will see seems more like an abandoned and sad little place. It’s a little one bath home that was built in 1920 that had seen better days – much better days. My brother lived here before me and ‘insisted’ I give up apartment life and live the life in luxury and buy this place from him. And I thought he liked me…but we’ll fix it up a little.

So until the weather warms up and I can get back to renovating the MisAdventures project, I’ll keep the blog alive with recent and current updates on turning this old house into a comfortable little place for a new family. It won’t be the no expense spared nonsense like the MisAdventures project, but we’ll make in nice.

We’ll  start with this.

Yes – my old home – for some reason, my wife likes the new one better. Here I’ve started taking the vinyl siding off the front. The siding guys thought a contrasting band of soffit would make a nice accent across the front, above the windows. It did not. Oh, and I’ve already removed the shower-curtain curtains that added just the right touch to the aluminum windowed porch. It had a 1980’s crack house kinda vibe. But we’ll see what becomes of this place. My neighbors will thank me.

See you soon…I promise.


14 thoughts on “So it’s time to pester you some more

  1. Glad to hear you’re still out there, Curt! Also glad to see you giving this little house a new lease on life. It’ll be fun to watch. I’ve really blogged down, myself. Lots to write about, but too busy with other stuff to sit down and do it. All in due time …

    • Hi D’Arcy! Yes, it’s sometimes difficult to get back in the habit of writing. My problem is I get wrapped up in doing the renovations and forget to take photos. It’s always good to have projects yet to be done. Wishing you well.

    • Hey Dan! Well we’ll see about the health bit, but my wife has said I’m full of wind so hopefully I can direct it in constructive direction. Hope you and yours are doing well.

    • Yes – the old goat lives! This will be a placeholder project until I have warmer weather. Since we moved into the MisAdventures place, I can’t make sawdust in the middle of the living room. Sad situation.

  2. Glad you’re back! Also glad to read that you are feeling better. Under normal circumstances I would think this little house was a lost cause, but because it is you doing the work I know it will be lovely when it is finished with it’s repairs.

    • Hi Lynda! Thanks! This sad little place was my home for many years. Looked like a mess – and it is, but I’ll do my best to make it presentable. Given it’s present state, it shouldn’t be to hard. Hope all is well!

      • I am well, just on the run daily with a new puppy. 45 lbs and only 5 months old! He makes A LOT of mischief all day!!! 😉 This too shall pass…

      • A 45 pound puppy? Well, yes it’s more exercise than a gym, but a lot cuter, I bet. Good luck with the new addition to the family.

    • Thanks so much! Yes, I suppose I’ll stumble on…I have read of your husband’s challenges, and I wish you both brighter days ahead.

    • Hi Jessica! Well, this little project won’t be a pretty one, but will give me some practice and strength to get to the finish line on the MisAdventures project. Hope all is well!

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