I’m not done yet…

It has been several months since I’ve posted on this wacky renovation adventure. Sometimes life and a not so perfect body get in the way of things we plan to do.ย  And so it is for me – a few health related challenges, something I’ve grown accustomed to over several decades of Hospital stays. A little under the weather is my typical reply. I’ve chalked up my 40 something surgery (I forget the actual count) over the summer. But, no matter how much they try, the doctors have failed to kill me yet. So now that I’m whole again, I’ll be back at the MisAdventures project to finally show you – that after ten years of work – that I can finally finish something.

See you soon.


13 thoughts on “I’m not done yet…

    • Hey old friend! Not a chance they can kill of this old bird yet. Hope all is well, and I’ll be seeing what you’ve been up to. I’m working on another not -too photogenic house, so no posts coming from there. Will finish this 10+ project someday…

    • Hi Jessica! Yes, getting back in the sawdust. The summer was working on another house, not a very pretty one – our old place that will go on the market in the spring. But I’ll be back to finish this one up – I promise. Hope all is well and since your down under your summer is our spring.

  1. Curt, I’m glad you are still here in spite of the doctor’s worst. Can’t wait to see a finish… is it the grand finale or just one room done to perfection? No matter; you are well enough to get’er done and that is very ๐Ÿ˜Ž .

    • Hi Lynda – long time, huh? Well I hope all is well on your end of the keyboard. I’ll get back on this place after the first of the year. Finishing working on one that’s not so photogenic. Besides, I wanted to drag this renovation out to more than ten years for dramatic effect.

  2. Hi Curt!
    Just catching up with your posts.
    My blogging, and our renovations have been sporadic for a while due to many things including Trev’s health, me opening a vintage vibe home store and falling victim to a very nasty blog follower whomade me want to leave the social media world completely.
    Anyway, got back.on the projects just in time fir corona-lockdown here in France!

    Stay safe and well

    • Hi Gill! Yes! We may not be consistent, but we still show up from time to time. I’m sorry to hear about Trevor’s health – I hope he’s on the mend. Stay safe.

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