July Updates – the Art Edition

Since I’ve been trying to increase my posting frequency, I thought I’d pop in this Saturday with a July-ish update. This is a strictly art roulette edition, with a time frame from Mid-June to present. It’s more of a game of musical chairs with pictures, so if you’re looking for a DIY tip or special instructables – this post isn’t it.  We all have that one (or two or more) things we obsess over that other people just don’t understand. Art and antiques are mine.

But I have an excuse – this is what I do for a living – I look art art and doodads – buy art and doodads – and sell art and doodads. It’s my occupation, my interests and passion as well. So please  forgive my preoccupation and I’ll get back to making sawdust in the next post.

Back in April I posted this photo of a painting that I thought would be displayed in this spot along with my old wooden horse. I actually had this painting in mind when I designed this sunroom, with the wall large enough to hold this 4’X5′ painting. But as usual, after a couple days it was time to change things around.

The next idea was to make this a nature theme. So I brought in a large landscape and a couple more that my wife liked.

Here, clearly, I’m making progress. I’ve found some more paintings in storage and decided this combination would be a possibility.

But then I pulled this large oil by Robert Kingsley from storage and my wife said that’s the one she wants displayed. OK. Now something I just noticed.that the TV monitor visible just above this painting is showing the exact same image during a slide show. Coincidence?

And over in the corner was this Chinese Altar Table from the 1880’s. That might as well come home too. Time to make some more art adjustments.

OK – now they’re home. And the gymnastics begin. The painting is nearly 5X6 feet and wall anchors need to hold it up there – that I will move 3 times before I’m done.

I then added some little landscapes by artist Jeffery Little – so they were really Little Landscapes. But the arrangement looked a little uninteresting.

So to give my mind a little rest, I thought I’d work on the art in the living room. The sunroom painting was moved in here, along with a couple other single women paintings.

On another wall in the living room I added these two oil portraits of Indiana artist Kieth Klein’s daughters. Then promptly removed them to use upstairs.

And put these two paintings in their place. But I have decided the girls should stay with the girls so I’ll revert to my previous image. So you see how this art roulette goes? Most folks would hang something on the wall and call it a day, but not yours truly.

So I wrangled these big oil paintings into place and I’m OK with the placement. But now that painting over the fireplace seems out of place. Time to dig into the storage bins – some of these pieces have not seen the light of day for 30 years.

With a little more digging and a lot of re hanging I’ve got this arrangement I’m fairly happy with. A mixture of artists and mediums and subject matter. I’ll try to finish the pile of stair treads under the window sometime soon. And now I am contemplating painting this wall the color of the sample above the Altar table to give the art a little depth in presentation. So you see, this is the kind of tom-foolery that consumes my days.

Moving things around also allows the chance to see things in a new light. I’ve owned this old altar table for decades and never noticed the old red paint and gold leaf still visible when the sun illuminates it in the late afternoon. This makes me happy. Art is my life and livelihood, so I guess in some ways it’s a good thing.

Enjoy something beautiful today.


13 thoughts on “July Updates – the Art Edition

  1. Lovely post, Curt. And, if you need any encouragement, yes – a color change on that wall would be good! (Tough to tell the shade, though. It looks great in the pic but Debra says to be careful that it doesn’t shift toward “baby blue” as the light changes throughout the day. Also, you might consider going 50% darker for the shelf holding the horse. Okay, sorry for the kibbutz-ing. You do great work without unsolicited help from us.) You have some fantastic pieces. And the remnants of the past on the altar table – outstanding!

    • Hi Dan! Oh, no, thanks for the suggestions. I’m afraid the wall art has changed again, as I continue to find pieces from storage. I have time to contemplate the wall color, as I continually make new holes with my musical artwork exercise.

  2. That’s quite a selection of paintings Curt! I struggle with hanging paintings too, and rearrange many times just like you. Then one day, an idea will pop into my mind and I rearrange again, moving things upstairs or downstairs…it never ends!

    • Thanks Denise – I’ve uncovered a couple dozen more, so it’s time to change the big art wall again. And I believe the re-arrangement syndrome is a life-long affliction for those infected. Happy decorating.

  3. I envy your wallspace! We have limited hanging space in the bungalow, so we have an entire Department of Unframed Art in our attic, waiting to be displayed in a new house one day. I really like that portrait of the woman in pink (without actually seeing it in detail), and the landscape with clouds. And of course, that Chinese altar is gorgeous! Looks like you’re having fun!

    • Hi D’Arcy! When I started this project, it was to have a place for art. But I got carried away with windows, so nearly 50% house is windows. I’m still uncovering art and antiques I haven’t seen to 30 years or more, so it’s fun and confusing at the same time.

  4. What a great post, Curt. I love those tiny landscapes and also the two girls. Your final arrangement looks good. I wish I could see more of your chandeliers too. Have you ever done a post on them? They look beautiful.

    • Hi Jacqui – sorry for the delay – I have my hands full with business and building and moving – you know very well how that goes. The art – yes, well it’s all changed again – I’ll have a post up later today with some dull details and the ever changing art arrangements. I think the tiny landscapes are going to the 2nd floor, but time will tell. I think there’s a photo of them somewhere on the blog – they are wrought iron – I’ll have something on the details coming up.

  5. I wandered into your blog while searching for something….and became so captivated that I went back and re-read the entire thing! I’ve so enjoyed being a part of your grand adventure, and wait patiently for the next post…………..Thanks so much for sharing..

    • Sorry for the delay, but thank you so much for finding me and the kind words! I hope to post moreas we get closer to the finish line, but prehaps it will never be finished. I’m delighted you’re along for the adventure.

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