A Mid-April Update

Greetings fellow renovators! Boy. look at the time! The 1st quarter of the year is over and the deadline to move in this 9 year renovation is closing in. I still think it will happen in 2018 – but it might be a squeaker. No major progress to report, as my real job has kept me from devoting full time here, but that should change soon. So here is a Mid- April update.

I finally got the TV mounted in the Sunroom. A 55″ OLED from Samsung. I needed the brighter picture quality due to all the windows in this room. Fortunately this thing fits in the cabinet I built. It’s retractable so I can add a piece of art behind this so I don’t have a black rectangle staring at me every day.

Repairing of small dents and painting trim in the stair area. It had some damage from the flooring guys going through here to get to the second floor. Trim is Impervo White and wall color is BM Sterling.The textured glass bathroom door allows light into this area.

My office area trim is also getting the final paint coats. I still have to cut the door bottoms off since adding the new 3/4″ oak floors.

I designed this place with lots of large windows. The paneled walls help add shadow and dimension to the mostly white and light color rooms. The black chalkboard paint above will have a TV mounted. The wall eliminates the ‘black rectangle’ I’m not fond of.

My wife has already claimed the bookshelf windows for her orchids. Even in April, there’s still snow on the ground some days.

In a previous post I was contemplating getting this old 4′ wood horse up on the wall. I made a test bracket to see if it would work visually. I was OK with it, but didn’t like the Victorian look of the cast iron brackets. A little too fancy for the style of the room I thought.

So I found a pair of wood corbels and made a few adjustments.

Painted it the same wall color, but finished with a waterbase clear finish.

I made the bracket wide enough so that it could be attached to three wall studs. The 5″ deck screws made for a very secure mount.

I thought the design of the brackets mirrored the sconces in shape. They have a more Craftsman look, which I think complements the ornate elements in the room.

Having finished that project, it’s time to get the second floor installed. This is 6″ wide rustic white oak.

Because I’m on a time crunch, I also hired this job out. This floor will have unfilled cracks like the Scandinavian floors I have seen. The job goes fast over my new 1/2″ plywood floor overlay.

The stair moldings create the smooth transition to the steps. I have old French iron balcony panels I’ll have to figure out a way to mount them.

Of course the floor guy didn’t think I would want the under eave closet spaces finished out the same way. He was wrong. We used 5″ engineered white oak flooring in here. You can’t really tell the width difference, and besides this will be covered with countless storage boxes when my wife gets done with the space. I’ll crawl in here later and add baseboards.

The white washed oil finish is on. It’s a matte finish with gaps in the boards – it drives me crazy and I want to fill them, but it’s authentic to the ones my wife likes, so the cracks and gaps will stay – for now.

The soft finish has a nice look. The gaps no, but the matte finish is a nice look for our bedroom and closet.

A while back I posted about the kitchen design. Many of you had wonderful suggestions and some have been incorporated in the design. I told my wife one day we’ll get some wood cabinets, but we’ll use the cardboard ones for now.

This mock-up has been very useful and several changes have been made as my wife can see exactly how the work space will feel.

Locations of pot and pan storage, waster and recycling pull outs and the shelf size and placement were finalized for the construction of the cabinets and counters.

Being an art dealer, some things take priority over even finishing the kitchen. The life size oil painting called Victorian Tea is in it’s final hanging place after having it in storage for 29 years.

As well as an oil painting of a local historic landmark building by Kentucky artist Harry Davis.

So there’s an update. Some flooring, some horseplay and a couple of paintings. Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Spring.





23 thoughts on “A Mid-April Update

  1. Stunning. Every square inch. You two have a true appreciation for the asthetic. Love the orchid placement and the dark top on the TV nook. It’s been fun following this. Have to admit a ton of envy on the slowness of my own remodel. 5 years and only a basement floor, a bathroom, some paint and a start on the second bath and outdoor siding over here at DIYRecoveryblog.com. Oh well. I always say baby steps are important too.

    • Hi Mary – thanks for stopping by and the kind words. We renovators go at our own pace, so having unfinished projects is something to look forward to. I’ll be following along to see what happens.

  2. Hey, Curt – great work, as always. You’re going to love the oil finish on the floors. That’s what we have at Hildring House and it’s one of my favorite things about the house. Love that Victorian Tea piece. Really enjoying the progress! –Dan

    • Hi Dan – thanks so much! That’s good to know about the floors. I specified this finish several years ago and nobody around here knew anything about them, but it’s popular now. I have a lot of art, and I can’t wait to get some of it out of storage – I’m usually pretty disciplined about the order of things, but when I see a clean blank wall I just want to hang something.

  3. It looks great! Your wife is right about the floors, they look very nice. I likely missed a post about it, but that chandelier in the living room is lovely!

  4. Breathtaking spaces once the art is up. A phenomenal project. Love the shelf for the horse, the window sill, the artwork, flooring…all of it. Congratulations on creating such fine well thought out spaces. Envious for sure.

    • Hey Chris! You are too kind, my friend. I really enjoy are and work in design, so this is my kind of art project. Thank for all the kind words and encouragement over the years.

    • Hey Chad! Well, yes that’s still lots to do. I have two vanities to build and 4 chests of drawers, and a few rooms to finish out. But hopefully I’ll get them done this year!

      • You’re right Chad – I don’t have a problem with dirt floors – my wife on the other hand, has a zero tolerance to dust – so to conserve my marriage it’s the rules – you can see I’ve been married a long time…

  5. I wasn’t feeling that big horse up there, but then you added the painting, gave us a wider view of the room, and voila! It is balanced and beautiful. I am always in awe of your work.

    • Hi Lynda! Well, the horse may not be everyone’s cup of tea – ha! I have 50 years of collections that I want to get out from storage – some things have not see the light of day for decades. I have lots more to put up, so I’m sure it will look jumbled to most people, but different tastes is what makes the world go round. Thank you for your kind words!

      • To be clear; I do love it now that you’ve added the painting to the wall as it has balanced the composition. 🙂

  6. Love the idea of a ‘practice kitchen.’ You have a lucky wife! Far prefer the shelf you made for the horse to the original one. And all the floors are gorgeous. Great to see the art going up on the walls. An art dealer? I had no idea.

    • Hi Jacqui! The kitchen mock up helped to finalize sink locations. Hopefully, I’ll have the kitchen done in 6 months or so. Yes an art dealer all my life. It’s been fun getting into storage areas and seeing things for the first time in decades. Lots of things I didn’t remember I bought years ago. Hope all is well!

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