A Panoramic View of my Weekend Project 



14 thoughts on “A Panoramic View of my Weekend Project 

  1. 10:30? You are worse than me. The only thing that makes me stop is lack of daylight in the rooms where electric lighting is still not attached.
    I have just had one of the ultimate home renovators nightmare moments..will blog tomorrow about it!

    • Thanks Jacqui one day at a time. But I’m getting older and afraid I’ll run out of days before projects – but then that’s a good thing.

    • Thanks for your kind words Kelley! I like those lights, because they’re simple and classic. I guess you could call them the kitchen anti-pendant lights. I think you can tell lighting is a big deal to me, and I suppose you also since you’re a photographer. I was a 2nd generation photographer myself. My father was the personal photographer of the Commanding Admiral of the South Atlantic Fleet in WWII. A job that had him based in Rio De Janeiro during the war.

    • Thanks so much! There’s a lot of light, that’s for sure. So long to go, so little time. But hey, I work better under pressure.

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