Mudroom Details – it’s the little things

Greetings and salutations my fellow renovators. Sorry for the late posting, it’s just that the things I’m working on are not so photogenic. I did get around to finishing up most of the mudroom.

These are the three steps that go from the mudroom into the kitchen. You can see the old brick foundation and original floor framing members. I have a toe kick installed for a HVAC vent.

Adding the risers and cut out the vent opening. This is a 2 1/2″ X 14″ toe kick vent.

The door to the right goes to the woman cave. The textured glass lets more light in the stairwell. It matches all the other glass doors.Up the steps to the kitchen you see that pesky shoe storage bench and coat hooks.

I am obsessed with little details. I like everything to be precise and finished. Here I milled small trim pieces to finish off the tile edges. The thin strip under the window ledge is made from of PVC, to make sure there’s no water damage from a wet counter top.

Instead of getting an expensive plugmold power strip. I cut a piece of wood at an angle and used this power strip. At 17.00 it’s a lot cheaper.

The Leland Single Handle faucet works well.  The small soap pump and the electronic garbage disposal switch has an auto turn off after 20 seconds.

I used very simple polished chrome knobs on all of the cabinets. These were 2.80 at Menards.

So there you have it – a nearly finished mud room. Sure I started building it in 2010, but hey, a guy has to take his time.

I promise better posts in the future. We’re just getting started.



20 thoughts on “Mudroom Details – it’s the little things

  1. I LOVE IT! I am obsessed with those white subway tiles. We started remodeling our laundry room about 5-6 months ago and still have a ways to go, so I am afraid this will be several years in the making too.

  2. Thanks D’Arcy. We moved into the basement for now. My wife got a taste of her steam shower, and that was that. 🙂 The doors need a little tweaking yet. Hopefully, hardwood floors are going in soon, but I have a lot to do before then,

  3. Nice going Curt. Things are really coming together. I like trim, but not too much-especially the fiddly little stuff. It always looks to me to be covering up for something that wasn’t supposed to happen or show …
    My last house in USA had a dishwasher and a g. disposal. Iused to think garbage disposals were the rage…had to have one, especially after growing up in a house where all dishes were washed in the sink by hand and food wastes were composted or? Don’t really know what my parents did with larger items, small stuff ended up on the compost heap.
    Living in EU, for 10yrs I’ve never seen a garbage disposal in use, and sometimes not even a dishwasher!
    We Finns can recycle almost all our waste products to the point where we may have 1 undersink bin full in a whole month. All the rest of our waste is composted for our own garden, is recycled: i.e., cardboard, newspaper, cans, glass, plastics. That doesn’t leave much actual waste to discard when all rest is sorted out and recycled.
    Turns out I don’t need a garbage disposal after all 😉

    • Well, my subway tiles aren’t as fancy as yours. Mine came from Lowes @ 3.45 a 12″ X 12″ sheet. Subway tiles are appropriate for my 1935 bungalow, but they will also be in the kitchen – I think you’ll like the final look in there.

    • Thank you so much Jacqui! It’s all pretty simple in design, except maybe for the somewhat lime green wall color my wife selected, but she was right, it makes this little room a happy place. All the best to you in S Africa.

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