OK, Now I’m in the Mudroom

How about this? Two posts in one day? Well,this one will get me updated to real time – as in this morning. I was happily painting cabinet doors at 3:30am today, and got most of the Mudroom projects completed – so why not get this post out of the way.

One item added was a rail and coat hooks above the shoe storage bench.

We left the mudroom like this for the past few years. Looks like we need to make some cabinet doors.

First things first. We have to clean this place up! It’s a little tricky, so I decided to make another half-a**ed scaffold. No issue with falling off and being wheelchair bound this time. It was the only way to get to the tops of the cabinets and window without risking breaking the granite counters.

I used a small scale white subway tile for the back splash.

The left side has an electrical feed for a receptacle. This whole circuit is on a gfci line as required by code.

I used a light silver grout to match the lighter tones of the granite.

I cut an angled block to mount the 4 socket receptacle – the angle makes it easy to plug in appliances or whatever. I didn’t like those exposed screws used to mount the power strip.

So I made a couple of covers that fit over the mounting tabs to make it look more built in.

Now we get out the stile and rail router bits to make the cabinet doors.

The first fitting of the doors. I made them inset, like the rest of the cabinets I’ve made. All of the trim around the tile and windows was fabricated and finished. The cabinet doors are 40″ tall, so they looked a little bland.

So I took some inspiration from the original cabinet doors that flank the living room fireplace. I wanted to avoid glass doors in the mudroom, as I didn’t want to see boxes of laundry detergent every time I walked in the room.

So I made a mock up of the same design to see if it would work as an overlay. OK

While I was at it I made a pair of plain shaker doors for the sink base cabinet.

So I painted the doors and got them back on their hinges by 8:00am this morning.

I need some doorknobs. Hang in there – more to come. But not today.



30 thoughts on “OK, Now I’m in the Mudroom

    • Thanks Leslie! I think you are the only Physics teacher to read my posts – my brother just retired teaching HS chemistry and calculus for over 30 years. I have great respect for anyone in the sciences. Unfortunately that part of my brain never developed.

    • Thank you Jess! When I get this place done I would love to travel and help other people’s projects. So if I get this renovation done in my lifetime, I might take you up on that!

  1. Curt another incredible job. Curt, would you happen to have the mix numbers for your kitchen paint? I’m embarrassed to ask, but it is a solid color. Looks amazing! Man. I’ve been rebuilding my house and my wife thanks you. Still my inspiration. I thank you.

    • Thanks Alex, you’re always so kind. Here’s the paint info. This is for a gallon. Benjamin Moore Pearl Regal Select 5501X. The white match mix code for 1 gallon is Y3-6 S1-2 WI-1X16. This was a ceiling white paint I liked and matched. It goes really well with white subway tiles.Are you posting your project? It comes in handy when you need a quick reference on where you buried the plumbing runs or electric. All the best, and thanks for the kind comments.

  2. Nice touch for those tall 40″ doors – a good idea and they look much better than before. How much space do your appliance pair take (LxWxH)? We found quite a few differences in sizes with various models when we were bringing in a new unit…you’d think there was a standard washer & dryer size setup, but noooo. Dryers are available for purchase but mose folks in EU air-dry clothes…
    We currently have a front loading washer and for all I’ve heard about the nightmares & problems people have had with them, I have yet to encounter a problem and most importantly the clothes are clean!. My demand for any appliance is it must perform! -best possible; as quietly as possible.
    Does your mudroom have floor drain? I would want one in a mudroom especially if it was a room encountering any sort of actual mud, dirt or tracking in from outdoors. What are your thoughts on it?

    • Hi Kate! Thanks for the door comment, it did break up the large flat space – and since it’s all white it’s not too busy looking. The appliances here usually are pretty close in width, but differ in depth and height. This pair is approximately 33″ deep (84cm) 40″ High (102cm) and 27″ wide (69cm). I checked all manufacturers and made the openings to fit any of them.
      The problem people have with front load washers usually have to do with operator error. You’re right you can get clothes cleaner in a front load.
      The mudroom is kind of a misleading name – it’s really more of a back entrance. The floor has in floor heat, but no drain. My worry would be a water leak from the washer and steam dryer. I have a water sensor system that closes the water line if it detects water on the floor. I also installed remote shut off valves in the basement that I can close when we’re gone on vacation. A floor drain is certainly a good idea for extra protection.

    • Thanks Mark, for your kind comments. I marvel at your ability to live off grid – that’s true artistry in living.

    • Thank you so much! You probably will be underwhelmed by my knob and hardware choices – I usually go simple and small and shiny silver. A nod to 1935 when most everything was chrome. I mix my silver colors up. The first floor bathroom has chrome, polished nickel and silver plated elements. To me it looks more ‘collected’ than something with all the same finish. I’m weird like that:) I’ll see you on Instagram.

    • Thanks Pat – or is it Lou? One of these days I’ll get a kitchen, but for now I have to get the upstairs done. Hopefully, your ‘to do’ list is shorter than mine.

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