Looking Up – the Kitchen Ceiling

I was perusing my favorite blogs the other day and was reading about my friend Dan’s project over at With The Barretts showing his great (and fast) renovation. In this post he includes a couple of photos of his kitchen ceiling – as well as his nearly completed Kitchen – and his new floors and everything else they’ve got done in the same amount of time it has taken me to renovate one room. Oh, well – what can I say.

But I do Have a Kitchen Ceiling

1-feet-upYou saw my stripped – to – the – walls kitchen over my lucky shoes in a previous post. And my wife likes to keep these plants alive during the winter by having me put them in the kitchen as well. More crap to fall over.

2-ceiling-paintedAnd I too have new floors – they’re just still in large piles. That makes maneuvering to paint the ceiling and install the lights just a little more challenging. But I was able to prime and paint the new dry-walled ceilings without falling off the ladder again. That’s the same ladder that put me in a wheelchair for half of 2013. Bad ladder.

2-ceiling-speakerI added a couple of stereo speakers in the ceiling as well for the TV or ambient music.

4-schoolhouse-lightsNow I know most kitchens have pendant lights that hang down – usually over the island or counters. I have pendant lights too – they’re just really short.

5-ceiling-lights-onand they don’t hang over anything. I placed school house lights that follow the path of the walkway. There’s 5 of them that are centered between the wall and the center island and spaced over the 27′ long kitchen. You could see that if I was like Dan and had my kitchen island in place – which I do not. Visualize, people.

6-ceiling-lightsBeing the obsessive, layer – the – light kinda guy, I have 22 lights in the Kitchen. The ones on the left are general lighting LEDs. The center group are pin spots that will shine directly on the natural quartzite tops.The island is 14′ long, so I have 7 lights for this section. And finally the schoolhouse lights.

Is it bright, you say? Well – yes.

But at my age you need lighting like a surgical theater to keep knife mishaps to a minimum.

There’s always dimmers. Grab your sunglasses and stick around. I might have another ‘bright’ idea.

20 thoughts on “Looking Up – the Kitchen Ceiling

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of lights! I have only two schoolhouse lights in my kitchen, which is a 100% increase from what was originally there … and I admit it would be nice to add a few can lights. I’ll add that to the never-ending list.

    • D’Arcy – you think? I like to have different lighting patterns, so I doubt that they’ll all be on at the same time – unless I drop something and can’t find it. 🙂

    • Thanks, Betty! Yes I follow that line of thought. I think I read in one of my design books about having 5 types of light sources for optimal lighting in high end hotel rooms. So I went a little over board – that’s why they invented light switches. 🙂

      • I saw that recommendation when I was researching recessed lighting. Sometimes you need mood lighting, other times you need to be on the surface of the sun.
        Your work looks great and we get our DIY done in our own time!

  2. Hey, Curt – Thanks for the shout out, my friend! I love those “pendant” lights. Your work here, as always, looks to be absolutely first-rate. Such a pleasure to watch an artist at work!

    • Thanks Dan – you’re welcome. Don’t know about being an artist, but art is the reason why I built this place. You’ll see if I ever get this place finished.

  3. Love it! Lighting is so important. I’m finding that out in our house we just bought. We are back in the land of basements and the two rooms down there have one canned light in each…..one. No windows. I’m not sure what they were thinking. It’s definitely on the list of projects!

    • Hey Girl! Are you in Nebraska now? How’s the beer there? 🙂 Lights are important, but I always go over board. I’ve got 30 in the basement – Lord, please help me.You could probably recommend a self help book for that.

      • Haha, just make sure you have a way to replace the bulbs easily. I am in Nebraska and the beer scene is definitely no Austin beer scene. It’s in a slow climb hopefully upwards. I’ll definitely help contribute to its progression.

  4. This is so great Curt. Seriously, I want this many lights in our currently-being-demolished kitchen. I was murmuring to myself yet again tonight as I cut steak under two lights – where there should clearly be at least three – my most cherished house belief: GOOD LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING.

    • Hi Katie! Yes, I think so too – maybe not 20+, but that’s the way I roll. I Started this renovation 8 years ago – before LED lights were cost effective. But I was able to convert them all to LED, so costs for powering this many lights is pretty small. You have quite a project over at https://appletreevilla.wordpress.com
      I’ll be following along. You’ll probably finish before me. All the best!

      • YES! LEDs are amazing. The best excuse too for excellent full lighting.
        And yes, we’re in full swing now at Appletree. We’ve started to affectionately call the house Shoddy Cottage.
        Currently having the biggest electrical storm here in NZ while the house has windows missing and all sorts – hoping my stapled-up tarpaulins do the job!

      • I hope you have good luck with the storm. That pesky water can do lots of weird things to a house.

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