January Round Up – the good, bad and ugly.

Greetings fellow renovators. I thought I’d drop by and post a quick update on what’s going on at the MisAdventures renovation. There was some good, some bad, some ugly and some plain stupid.

1-feet-upWe’ll start with the ugly – as in my shoes my wife tries to throw away, but I keep fishing them out of the trash. Hey, they’re my lucky shoes, OK? You can see a peek in the Kitchen over my chop saw – but that’s for another post. But I did get the paint on the ceiling and all 22 lights installed in there.

2-top-view-tv-cabBut we’ll focus on that cabinet in the sun room with the retractable screen. Here’s looking down on the plywood top we want to cover with a nice piece of local hardwood. So I made a cardboard template and took it to a local craftsman that has a sawmill.

3-cherry-top-startAnd he popped out a nice Indiana Cherry top, complete with a hinged door for the TV lift. The front is 6/4 1 1/2″) stock, the back part and the hinged lid is 3/4 stock. Great.

4-top-installedNow the stupid part. I needed to get this wood sealed right away  – to keep the twisting to a minimum. No problem – I just grabbed a can of Waterbased clear coat and gave it a good seal coat on all four sides. Done – not so fast, stupid. (That’s me, not you)

5-first-finishYou see, a waterbased finish on cherry is like motor oil on a hot fudge sundae. It might look good from a distance, but you’ll notice something’s not quite right when you get a little closer. The waterbased finish left the cherry looking bleached out and flat.

6-paint-stripperSo we prance right out and get some of this stuff. It works great, and much less toxic than traditional paint strippers.

8-sanding-the-topA couple hours off my life, and we’re back to bare wood. No fun.

9-more-sandingBut no, it doesn’t end there. I laid on a coat of wiping oil made from boiled linseed oil, varnish and mineral spirits – and it looked great! Well, except for all of the scratches my scraper left behind. So this is the second full strip and sanding job. I then made another mess using some fast dry varnish – so another sanding job was needed. I finally ordered some wiping varnish from Rockler called Arm-r-Seal that lots of guys seem to use on YouTube – we’ll see how it comes out when I try my 4th attempt. I’m too old for this stuff.

10-tile-instalSomething did go right in the month of January. I finally got the tiles that I had made installed in the pilasters of the bookcase.

11-tile-detailThe stoneware tiles have a Lupine flower design and were made by Terra Firma tiles. This plant was native to Indiana, but you don’t see them very often here. I plan to have these in the garden outside the sunroom eventually.

12-rh-light-boxNow here’s something that went bad – and then good for a change. I had ordered a pair of Restoration Hardware Library Sconces to go over the windows in the bookcase. I ordered these in 2014 – but they were never checked. So the first of January  I decided to get them out to install. The box said it had a Polished Nickel Double sconce inside.

But I got one of these instead – A table lamp? Well, the package was a different shape than the other one. OK, let’s open the other one.

15-broken-library-lampAnd of course it’s the right one – but broken. Well, that’s just dandy. I have a Restoration Hardware shipment that was sent in 2014 that has one broken light and one table lamp. It is now 2017 – you do the math. But I have a Trade account with them so I sent an email and explained what I did (and didn’t do) and what do you think happened?

16-rh-library-double-sconce-installedThey picked up the original packages and sent replacements within 3 days! No charge! So these are now installed on the bookcases.  Now you know why I have so many RH lights in this house.



29 thoughts on “January Round Up – the good, bad and ugly.

  1. Love the lupine tiles! We have lots of lupine out here, in the mountains … and on the former Weyerhaeuser campus not far from our house. The fields are loaded with lupine in the spring. It’s gorgeous!

    • Thanks D’Arcy – we never see these around here. I’m not sure why, SweetK8 says they’re invasive, so I’ll try to keep them in a planter to see.At my pace that might be in the 2020’s.

  2. hah! I threw out my husband’s ‘lucky’ shoes -the belly-aching lasted quite a while. The key to irretrievable disposal is clever and diligent subterfuge!
    p.s. I think the only ‘lucky’ part about his shoes was the fact that his feet hadn’t fallen off from wearing grungy, funkified footwear!
    When you guys moving in?
    p.s.s Lupine – you either love ’em or hate ’em. We’re in the hate ’em camp. Invasive weed here. I can’t kill them fast enough!

    • Hi Kate! My strategy is to keep my shoes in a really dusty, dirty place. She won’t risk getting dirty to throw them away. I did loose a pair one time when I left them in a semi-dirty area. Lesson learned. We plan on moving this Fall – maybe. Good to know about the Lupine – I’ll see what we can do about keeping therm under control.

    • Hi Susan! I just didn’t want to look at that black rectangle in the Sun room. I think the newer TV systems are cheaper since TV’s don’t weigh near as much as they used to. I have several RH lights going in the master bath and have used then on several projects because of the quality and finish.

    • Hey Gill – you and I have to show them we make an occasional mistake – if not, we’d be worshiped like the renovation Gods we are.

  3. Love the can lights. Would love to do that in my great room but unsure how that will work out as its on the lower level and I have no clue who’s in my Ceiling …sigh

    • Ha, ha – you know you can just get out the chainsaw and find out. They are making lots of low profile lights now that will fit almost anywhere.

    • Hi Jacqui ! Sorry for the late replay. The top did come out nice in the end – it just took four tries. Maybe the next one will only take three – or perhaps I should stick with paint.

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