Cave Art

Being a student and lover of art, I have been fascinated with civilization’s need to create a visual record of our existence. For some reason I have always been attracted to paintings – I suppose that’s why I do what I do at the gallery I am supposed to be running (when I’m not here at the Adventures Project). Since this is a woman cave- I thought I would present some cave art.

janfeb2016_f11_indonesiacavepaintings-jpg__600x0_q85_upscaleAn example is this painting that is thought to be the oldest cave painting in the world. Found in Indonesia in 2014 you can read about it here.

When the carpet was installed in the basement it was just hours before pieces of cast off furniture arrived from our house we currently live in. Oh, and some cave art as well.

1-cave-artIt’s been 6 years since any livable space has existed in this house – unless you count a bathroom. I plopped down some chairs and a coffee table and went to pull some art from storage.

3-cave-artJust a few pieces to finally get something on the walls – after all, that’s one reason for doing this crazy project in the first place.

4-thorpThis was my wife’s first request. This is an acrylic on canvasΒ  painting by a regional artist Cynthia Thorp titled ‘A Moment of Him” – well it is a woman cave after all.

5-mary-louis-schrodtThis oil painting is titled “Fire Fighter” by the late Mary Louis Schrodt of Louisville. It’s wonderfully realistic, but unfortunately not functional You can read about her here.

6-grace-coleShe selected this Oil painting by Grace Cole titled ” Requiem of Frozen Tears”. Grace is still a working artist and you can read about her here.

7-deb-boyerShe picked this little watercolor by regional artist Deb Boyer. My wife came from an island, so this is a reminder of home for her.

8-chris-thomasAnd this little oil painting by the only male artist in the cave. This rose study is by Chris Thomas, an artist we helped develop many years ago. His web site is here.


8-coffee-artOf course, to my wife, the best art is her coffee cup sculpture.

It feels nice to have someplace that’s not full of sawdust and has art on the walls.

I’m happy.





32 thoughts on “Cave Art

    • Thanks Jess! I’m not so certain I have many practical components – but I’ll take the compliment πŸ™‚ I suppose spring is on the way to Queensland? But I suppose you don’t see winter like we do with many days below 0 c.

  1. What a great woman cave this is turning out to be! How fun to pick out art. I especially like “A Moment of Him.” I like the color and texture of the carpet, too.

    • Thanks D”Arcy -still a lot of fiddling to do down here – like building the bath vanity, but I suppose I’ll get it all done this century. Art is something I have a lot of, so I know I’ll run out of walls before I run out of pictures.

      • You’re welcome, Curt. It isn’t the guy, it’s the photo realism and the feeling of captured motion/action of the scene. Really well done!

      • You are so right, Lynda – but I think my wife and her friends like that it’s a guy that won’t talk back in the woman cave.

  2. What a phenomenal art collection and space to display it. You’ve done a really great job. You should be very proud of the finished space. Thank you for taking the time to share and inspire.

    • Thank Chris – you are very kind. I’ll have many more posts about art on here for sure. I’ve been in the art business a long time and I remember when my wife to be first visited my home – she said she thought it was a museum, as there are paintings hung floor to ceiling and rooms stacked with paintings, sculpture,art pottery and antiques. It will be nice to get some of it out of storage and see them again on the wall.

  3. Thanks so much Nicole! I have some fancy artwork to pull out of storage. You probably didn’t think anyone is southern Indiana was this classy? Now where did I put that craft show ‘tater’ bin?

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