Quick Update

Just a quick update to let everyone know I’m alive. I’m working like the dickens at the MisAdventures project, so more to come.

I asked my wife if she wanted a shelf in her little coffee niche before I started this project, as it’s way easier to just tile it in while doing the field tile – not needed she said. Afterwords she thought that a shelf was probably a good idea. Sigh –ย  married life


1-cutting-marbleI had enough of the old marble top my neighbor gave me to make a little shelf.


So after cutting and a little polishing I grooved the bottom of the shelf to receive some stainless steel pegs that I had drilled and set in the sides of the niche. A little tweaking, a little grout – bada- bing,ย  bada-boom. Done and move on.


Good thing too – as I had just enough time to put the final coat of paint on the walls and finish the baseboards before the carpet installers arrived.

Hang in there – things are going to get finished.

13 thoughts on “Quick Update

    • Hi Danielle! Actually, I’m not sure she’s impressed. Everything that needs a little repair or updating – I’m right there with a bunch of tools. I do have an Instagram account I haven’t posted to yet. It’s called ‘Handy ManCandy” – average guys with tools. Not for buff guys with jackhammers, more like a fat guy with a tool belt.I’ll get that started one of these days.

    • Hey Chris!
      It’s kind of a wavy pattern – my wife says it reminds her of the ocean – only grey – it’s almost concrete color – hopefully it will wear well as the stairs are carpeted too. Thanks for stopping in!

    • Hey Chad! Thinks are looking good @ the Crooked House! He’s right – but then I should have just put a shelf in there instead of asking – I’m still learning.

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