Mid August Progress and Color Changes

I know it’s been a while since my last post. Lots of activity at the MisAdventures project. So I thought I’d share a photo-rich post of the shenanigans here in southern Indiana.

1 kitchen flooringFirst up is the laying of 1/2″ BC plywood over all of the existing first floor. This is the kitchen area looking towards the sunroom. The original 3/4″ T&G pine floor gets overlayed with the plywood glued and screwed every 8 inches and also screwed through the floor joists. This adds a great deal of stiffness to the floor that will have 3/4″ oak flooring.

2 coffee canI guess you had make do with what was handy. This old coffee can lid was used as a patch over a larger hole in the floor. Looks like the plumbing had been moved several times over the 80+ year history of this house.

3 corner repairThe two first floor offices have the original plaster lathe walls and ceilings. I spent many hours grinding out cracks and repairing with plaster. The final corner crack is cut out and repaired with fiberglass mesh and hot mud plaster.

4 crown mouldingThe other office got a new crown molding and paint. Here’s a test fit – and I have to admit to failure in the coping corner ability. I tried the proper way by coping the corner and just couldn’t get a good fit. Mitering the corner is not the way it should be done – but it sure looks better than what my poor coping saw skills produced.

5 closet doorThe original doors were all sanded and repainted and fitted with those fancy door knobs and plates.New hinges and mortise latches will let these doors hang around for another 80 years.

6 tv boxBefore I finished laying the plywood underlayment I was able to run a couple more cables and power for a recessed TV box. Trimmed out the doors and painted everything.

7 new office paintSince I had to repair the cracked corner in my wife’s office – it gave her a chance to change colors – so the walls now are a more saturated blue/green instead of sky blue.

8 ceiling medallionsI found a couple of smaller ceiling medallions laying around from the previous owner. I reconfigured them with some bondo and put them up. The bead detail matches the door plates and the large medallion in the living room.

9 skirt board cuttingOne more thing before we head to the woman cave. The stairs from the 1st floor to the 2nd needed skirt boards. One side is 14′ long and the other is 16′. Here I’m cutting the angles using a cardboard template. I use a lot of cardboard for angle cuts – just to make sure.

10 stair skirt boardsThe stair skirt boards slide in next to the outside stair stringers. I left a space when mounting the stringers so that these trim pieces could fit easily. If you don’t allow for the skirt you’ll have to scribe cut the whole skirt – and that’s no fun. The risers and treads will butt up against the skirt board.

Now for something completely different

11 tub plumbingI gave up on hiring plumbers and started doing my own plumbing. Here I’ve got the all the copper fitted to the tub deck filler. The pipes look a little  crooked in this photo – but it’s just the camera angle.

12 Josh Craig tileHere’s Josh Craig – the tile guy. He’s one mean mamma-jamma when it comes to tile. He’s spent over a month on this bathroom, so he might not win a race, but the finished product is worth the wait.

13 tile patternAll the tile in the basement is porcelain from Atlas Concord. I added two vertical panels of this lotus flower design in the shower. I had Josh cut the tiles in two to run them vertically. It’s very subtle, but adds a little interest to the shower without being too obvious. The green doo-dads keep all the tiles flush, with very little ‘lippage’.

14 tile floor.I have a floor border with mosaic inserts to match the design of the shower floor. The green stuff is a crack isolating membrane called Green Skin.

15 color changeI was never a fan of the Italian Ice green color Francia selected for the bath. Now that the tile is going in she also though it was too pale. So time for another color change. Good thing it’s only paint – and my labor. No problem –  a couple of hours and all will be forgotten. Looks like BM Boothbay Grey it is.

16 paint startFirst we do a little cutting in.

17 new colorI think the grey will be a little more relaxing. We’ll see what happens – who knows what the future holds..

So there you have the latest update – more to come.



22 thoughts on “Mid August Progress and Color Changes

  1. Gorgeous as always. I was glad to read about the coping. I’ve been wondering if I’d be able to do it or would have to just miter the base boards and moldings. All of your tile choices have been beautiful.

    • Thanks Kellylynne! I just suck at some things and that’s one of them. They do make a special jig that uses a jigsaw that is supposed to be foolproof. I would have gotten one if I had lots or crown to do.

    • Hi Danielle! Well it’s a dream alright. sometimes a good dream, sometimes a bad one. I still have plenty of time to screw things up – we’ll see…

    • Hi Cheryl! Thanks for stopping by. Worn out? I started that way, so must be really worn out now. I’ll have to gather some energy to get to the finish line – wish me luck!

    • Thanks Nicole – slowly getting things in place. And you have a new adventure I see. You can appreciate how sometimes difficult it is to get from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ Keep up the great work up north.

  2. I quite liked that ice green, but the grey is an excellent colour also. I also prefer the blue/green to the sky blue. Althouh we have discovered sky blue paint in the house, it’s too cold a colour for me and I like the touch of warmth a green tint brings to blue .
    Interesting to see you rethinking some colours. I have too, Trev thinks I’ve wasted paint but it can be hard to set a palette that works if bits of the house are still in a raw state. Now the top two floors are almost done I can look at adjoining rooms and see how the colours work against each other. CRITICAL in a smaller house I think

    I never used greys in decor before now, and I am completely converted !!! I had doubts on the dark grey in our kitchen diner, but with the rest of the decor nearly done it works.
    It actually manages to look cosy but more spacious at the same time…how??!!

    • Hi Gill – it’s hard to tell how a color will react to the environment when you put it on the wall. It looked great before the lighting and tile went in – then looked so glaring and almost hurt your eyes. The grey or any darker saturated color helps limit that. And it’s sure a lot easier to change the paint before everything gets moved in place. Your place is looking amazing and I really enjoy your posts.

  3. Using tin can lids for patches must have been standard back in the day. I’ve seen several of them in photos. That lotus tile is beautiful! You accomplish so much, whereas I’ve stalled out on my plaster repair job. Distractions are everywhere!

    • Hi D’Arcy – I sometimes think I’m moving pretty slow, especially now that I’m working inside. It’s so easy to take breaks and find distractions.But you and I will get it done eventually.

  4. It’s looking so good, Curt. If you don’t mind me asking, where in the world are you living while all this is getting done??

    • Hi Jacqui
      Thanks so much – I hope your build is progressing. We have our original home not too far from this one. This one is the ‘Hobby House’ as my wife calls it. I must say I get tired of paying taxes, insurance and utilities for two places I’m supposed to call home – but eventually we’ll move into the Adventures project and I can sell the other one.

  5. You are truly amazing! And all your hard works really shines in the detail. I had to laugh at the coffee can lid. I have employed it myself in places that weren’t visible to everyday view. Recently I used a soup can lid to patch a knothole in the pantry. Heck, once it’s painted and the shelves loaded who’s to know or care? 😉

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