Mid June Roundup Still Stuff to Do

Happy Summer to all you fellow renovators! I only have one pretty picture to show you on this installment of MisAdventures.Lots going on, just not much that is picture-worthy. Sometimes I forget to snap a photograph, but most of the work has been tedious stuff like drywall finishing, painting and trim work. We’re closing in on finishing the basement project. More yet to do,Β  but almost livable. I’ll do a proper before and after post when it’s all done. But here’s were we are as of this morning.

1 basement ceilingI’ve got the basement ceiling in and all the drywall done in this room. It’s all painted with BM Moonlight White. I’ve got the 9 wall and ceiling speakers in and all of the led recessed lighting. The system is set up for a 70″ TV. As everywhere else in this house, I’ve got more than enough light. There are 32 hardwired light fixtures on this level.

2 basement electrical panelI still have to wire the final kitchen circuits and close this area up. I’ll figure some way to hide these boxes behind artwork or a chalkboard or something.

3 egress windowThe egress window is trimmed out and cased with PVC trim. I’ll add a one piece sill on the bottom and finish trim this window.

4 small basement windowThere are two small hopper style windows that are also trimmed in PVC. I like this material around windows. If it gets wet, no big deal as it’s 100% waterproof. No swelling or paint problems. I still paint the window’s trim with BM Impervo acrylic enamel in a white match which is the same color as the sunroom trim. The little door hides the whole house water shut off.

5 basement towards stairsLooking back towards the stair, there’s a little utility closet to the right of a small TV mount.

6 AV cabinetThe AV cabinet and all the wires. Just testing the lines with some old equipment before I start putting in the cable terminals and final set up.

7 door to utility roomHere is the extra deep door to the work room / utility room. This wall is a support wall dividing the woman cave from the work room. The concrete block wall was 8″ wide, plus two 4″ wide walls with spacing makes this about 18″ deep. I needed this door to swing in to the work room and have the widest possible opening.

10 doors to spa and pantryDoors are in for the bathroom on the left and the pantry on the right. I used single pane doors withΒ  obscure glass on the doors to match the rest of the house and give it a vintage spa feel.

8 pantry cabinetInside the pantry area I built this removable storage cabinet. It has to be removable to get access to the bathroom inline fan. The little switch above the door is used to override the fan circuit that automatically comes on with the light in the bathroom.

9 well under stairsThis is the access to the well pump and sump pump under the stairs. I’ll be adding another tank to the pump system to add more capacity for watering the garden. The pipe stub outs are waiting for me to plumb in a utility sink and vanity.

11 spa door and shelving unitsInside the spa area I’ve built two cabinets – the one on the left will get a mirrored door and the one on the right gets open shelves for towels and baskets. All of the trim in this room is PVC.

12 spa vanity areaThe vanity wall has a medicine cabinet on the wall right of the sink. It’s placed here because the sink wall is a below grade exterior wall and it wouldn’t fit. We’ll see how this works out.It doesn’t really show, but the bathroom is painted with BM Italian Ice Green in their Matte bathroom paint.

13 spa steam showerThe steam shower is ready for tile. The tile guy will be here in a few weeks to finish this room and the pantry.

14 whirlpool tub surroundI’ve built the whirlpool tub surround panels. Again, made from PVC to make them waterproof. All the panels are removable to access the pump and plumbing. I’ll finish trim these when the tile is installed.

15 sunroom chandeliersAnd finally one pretty picture. I needed the space in the garage that these chandeliers were occupying, as they were in 4’X5′ boxes. I decided to go ahead and install them over the weekend, along with the wall sconces over the windows – since I’ve had them here waiting for this day since 2013.Β  This is a pair of Curry & Company Raintree Oval Chandeliers. I think they’ll make a good contrast to the medium valued wood floors when they go in. I love layering light, so I planned seven different light sources in this room. Recessed over head, Chandeliers, Two circuit track lighting, wall sconces, Bookcase accent, table lamps and window light. It is a white valued room, so the light sources will add texture and interest to the space. Or – that’s how I figured it.

We’ll see…. stick around.




22 thoughts on “Mid June Roundup Still Stuff to Do

    • Thanks Kelly! Every renovation is a project. Mine’s just a little more involved because it’s my hobby. I love that you discovered photography. I am a second generation photographer myself. My father started our photography business in 1947 and I was in the dark room by the time I was 6. I carried his film bag as soon as I could walk. Used 4X5 Speed Graphic cameras back then. The leather bag held two sided film holders. Fond memories, for sure. All the best to you in California.

    • Thanks you so much D’Arcy. You always have something nice to say. I hope to be marching on to start on the kitchen walls and living room – we’ll see what happens, as I have no real plan – it’s freestylin’ all the way.

  1. Someone should give you a medal, really, for the things you are doing to this dream house! πŸ™‚ I love following the evolution…

    • Thanks, Nil – for the kind words. Perhaps a Medical examination would be more appropriate. It’s fun and frustrating to bring one of these old houses back – but hey, it’s a hobby. Keep posting your beautiful photos!

  2. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    I don’t think a medical person would be the right one to understand what keeps you at it… πŸ™‚

    Thanks back for the compliment… I will keep on trying…

  3. Gosh, Kurt, you really have thought of everything. I love that little door into the utility room…. It looks as though it leads to Narnia!

    • Thanks Jacqui! Sometimes I wish that door led to a beach or someplace that doesn’t have sawdust. But I enjoy just having no plans and just start building something. I have no idea how it will turn out – but then that’s the fun part about being a hobby renovator.

    • Thanks so much! Never being sure what the final look will be, I think the floor and chandeliers will balance all the white – we’ll see.

    • Thanks Elza! I think they will work out fine. When I bought them 4 years ago I hadn’t put the ceiling up yet. I thought they might be too big, but the room has 15′ ceiling, so if anything, they look a little small. Thanks for stopping in!

  4. Lovely chandeliers, and I LOVE that Ice Green.
    I am using a few washed pastels myself

    I also love rich dark colours too, but sometimes they only work in cosy evening lighting.
    The grey in the kitchen diner is a big risk, and the only dark shade in the whole house , although it’s the same shade as our painted skirtings in the neighbouring salon.
    We will see if the finished article works or not.
    We too are havin a multitude of layered lighting. I’m even planning for candle sconces as so far, touch wood, our deco works in natural daylight and low evening ambient lighting

    • Thanks Gil! My wife picked out the green because I refused to paint another room white. Your place is looking so amazing! I used a grey board and batten wall in the upstairs bath to contrast the tub, and you’re right the drama at night makes the space. I’ll have to replace my new bath sconces with something else, because the dark wall requires something a little more interesting than the Restoration Hardware Bistro Sconces I mistakenly put there.

      • Yes, a dark wall needs a real contrast. I am framing all pictures for that wall in creamy frames and I have an antique cream framed resin mirror to go up.

    • Thanks Melissa! It has been such a long slog to even get this far…hopefully I can start putting pretty stuff in this place soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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