Wednesday one shot


Since I usually sell art, not make it – I thought I’d share my only artistic creation. This is looking up from the bottom of the Woman Cave stairwell. See? I told you there were lots of drywall corners. Happy Wednesday everyone.

14 thoughts on “Wednesday one shot

    • Thanks Susan! I have to find something interesting in all this drywall dust. One day I hope to have something completely finished.

      • Isn’t that the truth! You know I’ve been renovating this place for 6 years – we’ve never moved in, and I’ve re-renovated some projects.But I think I’ll have everything the way I want it. Then I’ll move outside – I have plans to build a ‘dirty kitchen’ and potting shed. But I gotta get this place done first. It truly never stops.

    • Hi Jessica! Well, when I was a little boy my mother had to hose the mud off of me before I came in the house. After all these years I’m still playing in mud – only now it’s drywall mud. So work – yes – but also play too. 🙂

    • Thanks D’Arcy – Being a fellow plaster/drywall crafts-person, you know how nice it is to look at the finished product- but how painful it is to remember the process.

    • You found my inspiration – however, my first stair attempt looks like the element on the right. But after a lot of practice I think I have grasped the concept of a proper staircase.

      • We think stairs are quite hard to get right, In our case, the stairwells themselves are so tight that we can only modify to a point.. but they can’t be any less safe that they are now!!

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