Drywalling and stuff in the basement

Now that the staircase is finished enough to make it easy to get up and down the stairs, we can now lug more drywall to the basement with ease.

1 adding drywall

I’m using mold and moisture resistant drywall down here. Not sure why, because the humidity level in the basement is no different that the rest of the house. I’m using 4X8 sheets for the walls – that’s because that’s the largest size I can handle by myself.

4 electrical bulkhead

I had to make one more bulkhead by the electrical boxes to hide plumbing. I’ll figure out something to hide the breaker boxes.

7 mechanical room

Then continue along the walls and into the mechanical room and my little workshop. (I still have the 4 car garage to play in…so far). That mess of cat5e and coax cables are a job when my sawdust making period is over.

5 checking for drywall divots

I use a raking light to check for drywall divots before the primer goes on.

6 painting walls

Then the first coat of paint goes on – it’s BM Moonlight White – I think. The ceilings are being done by a drywall guy I know. They use 12′ sheets  – it will save my back and will look better than I could do.

2 whirlpool tubWhile I wait for the ceiling guy, I’ll finish up the framing for the whirlpool tub.

3 steam shower

And the framing and Kerdi Board prep is done for the steam shower.

See? Some things are looking finished – well, if you don’t look up, that is.

Pay attention now, I’m sure something pretty will pop up sooner or later.


5 thoughts on “Drywalling and stuff in the basement

  1. Did you mention how you got all the drywall down there? That was the biggest pain in the ass when we did our basement this winter. Christine and I hauled 66 sheets of 4×8 drywall down a set of switch back stairs. We got the lightweight drywall which helped a lot.

    I’ll hand it to you for doing the drywall yourself. I hired someone because I would have massacred it.

    • Hey Chris! The drywall – yes – well I would go to Menards and get 8 sheets at a time, because that’s about all my little Ford Ranger liked to carry. Bring them home and haul one sheet at a time. 65 sheets – the good thing straight stairs. I don’t think I could handle the switchback by myself. I like doing drywall finishing – it’s kinda therapeutic, sort of like frosting a cake, but without the calories.

    • Thanks Koko! You are right, but then I keep telling myself ‘You only have to do this one time”…but then there’s always something else to do. Thanks for stopping in!

      • There’s always something to do! When one project is done another is waiting not so patiently for its turn! Time, money, weather, etc. also get in the way, but we say, when it’s all said and done…it was worth it! Well, I hope anyway! Hahaha.

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