Woman Cave Continues

My blog posts are pretty much monthly now because I’m racing to get this reno done in 2016. Lots of work that’s not too interesting or photogenic. Face it, looking at the same set of stairs is not the most compelling blog post – but we will continue…

1 stringers ready

You can see the stringers are ready and some of the moisture/mold defense green board is up – I needed to get the stair area wrapped with dry wall before the stairs go in.

2 old stair demo

And finally the 45 degree angle 8″ wide stair treads bid farewell. That’s my little well pump sitting there below.

4 insulation

Because of clearance issues, the right hand part of the stairwell is against the concrete and brick basement wall. I couldn’t frame out the wall next to the steps or the stairs would be very narrow. I used 3/4″ foil faced insulation in this area. I attached it the the wall with nylon anchors and washers, with PL adhesive. The diagonal wood will allow the lower section of wall under the stringers to be framed out and foam insulated.

5 cardboard template

Once that was finished I made a quick cardboard template of the step nosing to use later when cutting drywall and trim pieces. It’s a good idea to make guides like this when the area is still open and easy to access.

6 drywall clamped

The drywall was cut and glued to the anchored insulation panel with drywall PL adhesive. Clamps are used to keep pressure on the drywall while the adhesive sets.

7 lowwer drywall

The lower section is done the same way.

8 stair tread blocking

Additional blocking is placed in the wall to support the stair treads at the wall. The wall behind the ladder and and the right hand side were framed out for foam insulation.

9 tv measurements

This area will have in-wall speakers, so a little layout is needed before the spray foam goes in. Here is the viewing position and the proper angle for speaker placement.All of the structured wiring is run and additional conduits were placed in case I need to run additional wiring later.

10 spray foam

I made wall bucks at each speaker location. These will make a void in the spray foam, but allow for insulation behind the speakers..

11 speaker bucks

After the closed cell foam goes in, the plastic covered bucks are removed leaving a place for the speaker.

So, as I said – not very interesting, but time consuming. We’ll get to some pretty stuff – all new hardwood floors, cabinets, lighting, and more…

I need a nap.





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