Cast Iron Tub Wrestling

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing. I’m all about the design – and that is my main focus. Trivial matters like gravity are of little importance. I did have a little forethought to have the tub put through the window when I was replacing all the windows. Notice this is pre two room additions.2 tub through window

Of course, that was several years ago and the tub has been sitting upstairs for four – that’s right, four years waiting for a place to call home.

1 tub on trolly

So there’s the tub. I’ve cleaned up 4 years of dust and dirt and cut and installed the drain and over flow pipes. I had built a rolling cradle for the tub so that I could move it around upstairs while I ran new HVAC pipes and other structural projects.

2 tub target

And here’s the target. All I have to do is get the tub off the cradle and over here. Simple enough, except the thing weighs 324 pounds and sits about a foot off the floor. I could have opted for a light and nimble acrylic tub, but no, the design thing called for something, well – heavier. My wife knowing I was scheming to somehow get the thing in there by myself, called a moving company and yesterday morning 3 guys showed up to help. And it took all 4 of us to maneuver this awkward object into place.

3 thread sealant

Once we got close I wrapped the drain tailpiece with heavy duty Teflon tape and added a little pipe dope for good measure. I don’t want to do this part again.

4 tub in place

And finally it’s in place – hopefully for a very long time. It’s one of those French Skirted Bateau (Boat) bathtubs. I got this from Signature Hardware – actually I got two of them. The first one had a dent in the skirt, so they sent a replacement – no problem. I even took my wife to their showroom near Cincinnati so she could sit in the tub and make sure it wasn’t too big or uncomfortable. I say I’m obsessive – my wife thinks I’m crazy.

5 tub plumbing

The plumbing shows more than I imagined, so I’m glad my motorcycle parts are shiny to look at when I’m sitting on the toilet.

6 faucet

The faucet is a traditional one with a knob for a hand shower – it’s the same one I have in the first floor bathroom. I’m not sure about the style – but it works.

7 tub interior

The tub drain is a toe tap, so it makes the plumbing pretty simple.

8 bath ceiling

Now I have to find a rustic chandelier and put on the air vents and move on for now. The vanity cabinets won’t be built until the kitchen goes in. So we’ll pop down to the basement and make some stairs. Looks like more sawdust.

Grab your dust mask and tag along.


29 thoughts on “Cast Iron Tub Wrestling

    • Hey Chad! Yep – the post you got was only a partial – I had to rewrite the post. But yep I had a tub that needed to go to the 2nd floor and they were lifting windows for the second floor – so I thought why not? Once in a while even I come up with a good idea.

    • Hi Nicole! Thanks so much for the kind words. Yes, Signature Hardware has been good to me. I ordered a cast iron claw foot tub in the first floor bathroom and my tower drain wouldn’t quite fit. They sent another tub, no problem. So they are my go to guys when possible.

    • Hi D’Arcy! As soon as someone can drag my exhausted, limp body draped over the side of said tub. One day I’ll get this thing done.

    • Thanks so much Susan! I had forgotten what color the tub was when it had four years of dirt covering it. I love your bathroom project! Louisville is only 2 hours away – we love going there! Warm weather on the way!

  1. Amazing! Having undergone a three year crazy renovation to a very old house, I can relate to the madness and appreciate the hard work and determination involved! Looking forward to see what happens next!

    • Crap, Rebeca! what an amazing house you have. It’s nearly twice as old as mine. And 2.5 acres? Wow. I’m following you for sure. You do know what it’s like to renovate with wonky floors, bad electric and plumbing and everything else. You are so far ahead of me and I’ve worked for over six years on this one. I must be slower than I thought. Great house and blog!

  2. Wonderful tub, and a conundrum we recognise. I am a bit undecided about the unavoidably visible, if prettily wrapped, plumbing as we are having a slipper tub.

    We had to bring our sofas thru the kitchen window.
    Lord help us when we get to installing the range cooker and the monster fridge…………
    Seriously looks so cool with those tiles . AND you could conduct neighbourhood watch from there!

    • Hi Gil! Yes, the tub is right by the window – but I’m sure all my neighbors want to see my great physique. I know what you mean about bringing in a really big fridge – I made all the doors 3 to 6 feet wide with that in mind. I loved your last post. I’ll blog about my collection of cast iron storefronts I’ve collected around the country one day. Hope to use them in my lifetime. We’ll see if I survive this reno first.

    • Hi Jacqui! I see you have contractor problems too – I have wasted so much money on bad contractors – and I know what I’m doing. I started doing my own plumbing after spending 20,000 and still had to redo many parts. I learned how to solder copper pipe and just call in a licensed plumber to check my work and call in the inspection. I’ve done all the electrical this way without problems. Will be watching your new house build in South Africa.

    • Hi and I’m waiting for the bat removal and arrival of your new baby! Not necessarily in that order. Love the renderings of the new roof – beautiful.

      • Our baby arrived on Feb.10 but the bat removal is still in the works. We sadly had a bat flying around our house two days ago. Hoping to move into the back of the house by the end of the week to block those horrible suckers out of our living space! Ugh.

    • Hey Chris – thanks a lot! Funny thing is – I’m not loving the sconces – so they’ll get replaced. My problem is everything has to be so precise. I guess that’s why most contractors I’ve contacted over the years always run away. It’s much cheaper to do it myself, but boy – it sure takes a long time.

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