Master Tile Tales #2

Just a quick update and then off to another project to finish the outside before winter sets in.

1 before groutThe setters finished up the basket weave floor after several days. Little red spacers are used to keep the pieces aligned. The other red doodads are part of a tile leveling system to keep ‘lippage’ to a minimum.

2a showerHere’s the ‘hiccup’ part I mentioned in the previous post. We selected a darker grout for the shower and floor and made a sample to make sure of the color. But when the grout went in it was way too light.

2 shower insetHere’s the insert in the shower grouted. No basket weave pattern. I liked the grout in the shower, but the main floor looked like this too.  Little black squares on a white floor was not the effect I was looking for. But this looks cool in the shower.

3 grout colorSo before anything went in we had the tile guys out to regrout the floor inset. This was epoxy grout and hard as rocks, but the epoxy stain brought up the contrast to get the pattern to show.

4 vanity wallNow to get the vanity built to go between the cabinets.The bateau tub will go by the window.

5 windowAs well as the sink cabinets and set the toilet. But before that I have an Idea for the window wall – but it’s just an idea right now – subject to change.

6 showerThe good thing about the grout stain is it makes the floors look vintage and more in keeping with an 80 year old house. Most of the projects I do look a little ‘too perfect’ and look new. This floor will allow me to set the tone to add more texture and interest to this space, instead of the plain white pallet my wife prefers.I can now do a little more distressing and visual character building. Can you see the professional design side of me coming out here?

Sometimes mistakes are a good thing.


24 thoughts on “Master Tile Tales #2

  1. Your tile guys did a great job, it looks absolutely beautiful. I’m not a huge fan of marble, but it’s defnitely a high-end spa look. How enjoyable that heated floor will be this winter!

    • Hi Betty – thanks. I don’t like marble in the shower so most is porcelain. I hope when I get all the other elements in the room it has a little more down to earth look – time will tell. The basement woman cave steam shower is all porcelain, so we’ll see how that goes.

      • Thanks Betty – yep not a fan of stone in showers because of maintenance. I’m not too good on sealing tile. We’ll see if it’s Houzz-worthy when and if I finish.

  2. I didn’t know you could stain the grout darker. It looks fabulous! We used light gray grout on our white hex tiles in the bathroom. Time is “staining” it darker. I can no longer get it clean enough to look consistently light anymore. Wish we’d gone with a darker shade to begin with!

    • Hi D’Arcy. This was a fancy epoxy grout that the manufacture makes a stain for this purpose. I think because the original grout was brand new and no traffic, the new epoxy grout stain could bond with the original. I don’t think you would have good results trying to go from dark to light. And then I’m wanting a more ‘used’ look, so if it’s not perfect, I’m fine with that.

  3. You beat me to my tile job but it’s wonderful to know that it will look great. Yours certainly does. Amazing how the grout changes the character of the tile. Love it!!! Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • Hi Brittney! I see you have been busy with a brand new baby Everett. Congratulations! Thanks for the compliment. The tile is Marvel Pro porcelain. It’s available in several colors. You’ll see it again in a different color, as I’ll use it in the steam shower in the woman cave.

  4. I love that dark stain & those tiles- I am not a fan of white grout, it’s impractical and devoid of any character.
    I am going for a stoney -grey grout in kitchen also, as it worked well in shower room.Which I am absolutely sure will divide my blog followers!

    Oh well, we rebels have to stick out necks out.
    And by the way, we ladies HAVE to have a selection of shampoos, it’s just how it is. I have nine at present

    • Tanks, Gil – I thought I would go ahead and put in darker grout and skip having to wait for it to get dirty. 🙂 It’s so good to know I don’t have too many niches in the shower.

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