Master Bath Tile Tales #1

Well my fellow renovators I’ve finished the outside siding and am waiting for the gutters to be made before I do an exterior round up. So in the mean time I thought I’d start on the Master Bath on the second floor. It’s not done yet – but what else is new?

I must say I didn’t do this tile project – even though I bought a fancy tile saw. While I was siding the house two guys worked every day for three weeks to put the shower and floor together.These guys were pros – so if I did this you could add a couple months to the time line.

1 Kirdi Board Shower startThe shower is a 48″ X 72″ space. The walls are Kerdi Board and the floor is a traditional mud bed with Kerdi waterproofing.

2 in floor heat 1I screwed down another layer of 1/2″CDX plywood over the 3/4″ underlayment before adding a WarmWire in floor heat system. This is my 3rd in floor heat install and I used the wire instead of the mat and it went much better. Before the wires go down the plywood had to be primed for the self leveling concrete that goes over this.

3 in floor heat 2The wire heating elements are wrapped around metal cleats that are nailed to the floor. The wires can’t go under cabinets or tub or toilets, so proper spacing away from these is important.

4 ardex floorArdex Liquid Backerboard. is poured over the subfloor and heating wires. This floor was so wonky that it took 19 bags of this stuff. At about 50.00 a bag -it’s the price you pay to make an 80 year old house have a flat and level floor. And it had to be flat for the basket weave tile to lay right.

5 shower detailHere’s a shot of the back of the  shower. It has lots of angles and a basket weave insert in the wall. All the tile edges are bullnosed on site. Notice that they cut the tiles to wrap around the corner and keep the pattern. That’s why the pros are doing this job.

6 shower tileThe basket weave insert in the shower is marble, but all the field tile and floor is porcelain.

7 shower detailThe two Hansgrohe I-Box rough boxes have 3/4″ water supplies. The top one controls the two rain shower heads and the bottom one is for the sliding shower bar. I put in two separate niches because my wife seems to have a dozen bottles of shampoo.

8 shower detailThis niche is next to the door, so you don’t see this from the outside. Can’t have too many niches – I guess.

9 shower floorThe shower floor is the same porcelain tile in a 2″ mosaic. All tile in the shower is done in a matte finish to minimize water spots.

10 greenskinAfter the self leveling concrete a fracture membrane goes on. This is GreenSkin it’s used to minimize any fracturing or grout failure. It’ll add waterproofing too, as this is over the kitchen below.

11 Tile layoutAnd the puzzle begins. The border is a solid porcelain tile and the insert is a carrera marble basket weave. The bathroom is 9′ wide and 18′ long.

12 tile layoutThe tile is Atlas Concord Statuario Select 12″ X 24″ The inset is White and black Carrera marble mosaic basket weave.

13 Tile layoutThis is the vanity wall where my repurposed doors were made into cabinets.

So on we go – so much to do and so little time. Hang in there, we’ll finish something inside someday.





7 thoughts on “Master Bath Tile Tales #1

    • Thanks Susan – I hope everything turns out like it’s supposed to in my mind – but then who knows until it’s done. We’ll see.

  1. Great project. I like the idea of the heated floor. We considered it for our basement but nixed it because it really wasn’t in the budget. I was looking at a Schluter Systems wire heating system and it looked really nice.

    • Thank, Chris. The Schluter system that incorporates the Ditra underlayment with the heating wires is really nice, but it won’t work with small tiles like basket weave.

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