Siding an old House #7

Well my friends, we’re getting closer to wrapping the old girl in some shiny new cement siding with AZEK accessories. I put the first piece of siding on July 31st and I’ve worked at least 10 hours every day since on this project.

That’s how slow I am.

1 house frontSo now we’re working on the street side – where God and everybody passing by can see me fumbling and stumbling about. And I do stumble due to the metal plate in my ankle that makes me slightly wanting in the off road category.

2 siding paintedTo prepare for the final walls I went ahead and painted the rest of the siding – it’s more than I need – but there’s always the garage to be sided in a future project.

3 cornerThe front was quick to install as it has a big window – and it’s one story high.

4 sealing paintEven though the Hardie siding is factory primed, you have to coat every cut made. I would make the cuts, sand it down and coat the raw edge front and back.

5 1st floor scaffoldingFirst floor scaffolding ran the full length of the side of the house – about 35′

6 light boxesOnce up to the roof intersection trim pieces needed to be made to carry the trim around the eave light boxes up to the soffit overhang. The box has an LED down-light and a weatherproof electric receptacle.

7 trim piecesI love making doodads for trim pieces. Here is the front and back of the light box trim pieces. Stainless steel screws and PVC glue hold these AZEK pieces together.

8 trim installedThose pieces get installed around the light box to transition the trim to the soffits. The rabbet overlaps the siding.

9 2nd floor scaffoldingAnother level of scaffolding goes up. I’ve learned my lesson and make sure safety first. It takes time, but a lot less time (and money) than a hospital stay.

10 siding pieceThe problem is the Hardie siding is it’s 12 foot long and very brittle. I would make the cuts and prop it up against the scaffolding – run up the ladder and hope it was still there. I only lost one to the wind, so I can’t complain.

We’ll wrap up this outside project in the next post. Then we’ll go inside and get to work.





19 thoughts on “Siding an old House #7

  1. Your house is beautiful. I love the intricate lines of the structure and the care you give to each detail. Wonderful. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  2. Gosh Kurt, it looks so professional. I wonder what you were in your ‘other’ life? I wish I could see a photo of your house from above as I can’t quite work out the overall plan. But please don’t get up high somewhere to take one! Unless you’re wearing a safety harness… (

    • Hi Jacqui – well in my ‘other life’ I’m just as OCD – but more artistic. The layout is like a ‘U’ shape. I built the sunroom as one leg of the ‘U’ and the mudroom/laundry as the other leg with the brick patio in the middle. Your place is really coming together – I wish I was at the garden stage.

  3. Hi, I’ve been watching this build for some time now. Sir you are true craftsman. I can’t express how much you’ve helped me with my siding project. I have your website quick linked on my toolbar. Many thanks from San Antonio!

    • Hello San Antonio! Thanks for the kind words, Alex. I think I might be a notch above average because I take so much time – but I enjoy it. I’m very glad my blog has helped you. I get a few emails a week asking about renovation issues and I’m always willing to put in my 2 cents. The best of luck – and thanks again.

  4. Looking more impressive all the time! I wish we had as much time as you do to put into our projects. But even if we were retired with “nothing else to do” (ha!) we’d never approach 10 hours a day. You’re an inspiration!

    • Thanks D’Arcy! I do spend a lot of time here – but also have a full time job or I’d be here even more.I need a new hobby.

    • Hi Jess! Thanks for stopping in – I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and wonder if there will be a day when I can lay on the beach and have a very short ‘to do’ list. Six years in I hope to move the wife in by next year. Time will tell.

  5. It looks fantastic. I haven’t been reading in a while…I need to go find the post that talks about that green underlayment you put on. It looks fantastic.

  6. My house still has that old asbestos siding on it and the addition is going to have these planks on it because it matches it the best. One day I will get to re-siding the whole thing. When I figure out when I am finished adding on to it. This siding is a big part of my budget so I can’t side then take off and reside. no no no lol

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