Living Room #3 Fireplace Fiddling

Firstly these recent posts are real time – finished just a day or two ago. The weather and waiting for a plumber keep other projects from advancing.

We’re still in test-fit mode here at MisAdventures. I may not have a plan on paper, but it’s up here in my head somewhere. Even through formal plans are non-existent I just don’t run roughshod willy-nily with stone and wood – no, I do a lot of “what-if” test fits.

1 gas lineThe cabinet boxes had to be smaller than the face frames to allow gas pipe and electric to be run to the fireplace. This side will have the gas – the other side will have the electric. This pipe has to go up and into the firebox. No – that valve will not be at this position. Originally, this valve was inside the fireplace – and that’s allowed by our local code. Not a good idea in my opinion, so we will have a shut off valve under the floor with a key next to the fireplace. We’ll know the layout when my plumber shows up.

2 fireplace 1st fitThe first test fit of the fireplace insert. It’s a Regency L390E Direct Vent gas – and I already see a problem. The specifications show the width without that little box attachment on the left side. It’s an optional remote control module and it doesn’t allow the fireplace to sit centered.

3 fireplace notch start So out comes the diamond saw and we start making some more brick dust – and I thought I was done with this dirty stuff.

4 fireplace fit after notchAfter the notch I thought I might be done with the saw – but I think I’ll have to notch the top a little more because I have a new hearth going in over the original limestone hearth. Why would I cover up this vintage hearth you say? Well, I wanted to keep it – since I added limestone outside. But the hearth is pretty poor in the craftsmanship department. The right side is 1 1/2″ wider than the left side. It has pretty poor joints and really filthy stone. I sanded some and thought about taking it up and resetting it. But really – it looks like concrete.

5 fireplace with surroundBut after thinking about the big picture I have decided to add a honed black granite hearth to match the matte black fireplace surround. I’ll build a mantle and wrap the corners with casework. (Those sticks of wood are my substitute for a CAD drawing). The surround between the fireplace face and those vertical sticks  will be white marble and the tops of the cabinets flanking the fireplace will have matching marble tops.

6 living room at nightSo this is where we are right now. You see I used the original cabinet doors for the design theme for all the exterior windows in the house – all 24 of them. This room is 13’X18′ and the 9′ ceiling has 8 low voltage recessed lights.The wall color will be white – another white on white room. There is a lot of art going in here so the lights are fully articulated to effectively light the paintings. A vintage chandelier will go in the middle.

So as I wait for the plumber to fit the fireplace and get the stone guys moving -hang in there we’ll get this room semi-finished and move on to the next.



9 thoughts on “Living Room #3 Fireplace Fiddling

    • Hi Julia! The only problem with this real time stuff is it could get real embarrassing if I make a major goof – so I’ve got to be on my toes.

    • Hi old Friend – Thanks – we’ll see how well the mantle comes out as I haven’t a clue how I’m going to build it yet. You know first hand in real life renovations – it’s not a 30min show on HGTV.

  1. Sounds good to me

    Like the sound of carefully lit Art and the vintage chandelier!
    I do think much thought needs to go into the layout & decor of smaller rooms.
    My sitting room is 15′ x 20′ with a sort of alcove/walkway to kitchen/diner which is the ultimate challenge layout wise, it’s 30′ long but only 8′ wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A challenge one might say……………………….

    • Thanks so much! I know what you mean about layout. I stand in the house for hours looking at the spaces and visualize in my mind what to do – what art and sculpture will go where – furniture layout – how one space’s sight lines will complement the next room. Lighting plans. This room intersects with the kitchen and sun room and it can be a head scratcher. I understand about your kitchen layout. Mine has yet to be built and it’s 12′ X 27′ I do this sort of stuff in my real life job, but for some reason it’s a lot harder being my own client. But we will carry on, you and me – but I feel your pain.

    • Thanks Rose – it’s unfortunately about the only old thing left in the house. Even the door hinges are new. Your place is getting there! Do you need some 3 1/2″ hinges for that door?

      • We are still in demo mode. Just slowly ripping apart each room on the original part of the house. Will have to look in my massive hardware collection to see about the hinges. I’m sure I have one.

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