Master Bath Reno #10 time to move to another floor

So we’re stuck with a miss-cut door.Three out of four’s not bad – really?  So after a night of thinking about the problem I came up with a fairly simple fix.

1 door markI’ll need to cut this much off the top of the door – close to 1/2″. I’ll take the hinge plates mounted to the cabinet and move them up the same amount that I cut off the door.

2 glued on bottomThen we’ll take the cut piece from the top and glue and nail to the bottom. Then use a solvent based wood filler for the first coat.

3 vanity drywallWhile that’s setting up, we’ll add some drywall in the vanity space between the cabinets.

4 door sandedThen back to sand the the door joint.

5 door primedSome surface filler is applied and then the first primer coat goes on. Now I’m glad my wife wanted painted doors. It will get several more applications until the seam disappears.

6 vanity drywall cut outAnd while that’s getting finished we’ll add the electrical boxes for the sconces and cut the hole for the vanity cabinet. I’m getting to a stand still here – better go downstairs and start on another project.

7 fireplace cabinetsAnd this looks like a good candidate – the cabinets next to the fireplace.

Time to clear out another room and get to work… stick around we’ll finish something sooner or later.



6 thoughts on “Master Bath Reno #10 time to move to another floor

  1. Suddenly I remembered that Eric installed the hinges on the wrong side of one of our glass cabinet doors. I just got around to filling and repainting the holes last week. That’s life in DIYland.

    • Hi D’Arcy – yep, you’re right about DIY land…sometimes also known as la-la land. Wood filler is a necessity around my renovation.

  2. Just read all of the MB posts and I’m impressed! Love your sense of humor but I think I would be crazy if I had to redo a bunch of work because I changed my mind. Having said that though my hubby and I are getting ready to do a master bath and closet remodel and I do not feel secure enough to say that changes won’t be in our future as well! Thanks for sharing all of your hard work, it is seriously helpful to me!

    • Hi Susan! You certainly are industrious over at – I would love to have the space of your master closet. Mines really pointy 🙂 I play to much on my renovation – but I don’t live there, so not so much pressure to get things done in a timely manner. Good luck with all your remodeling projects – it seems you get a lot done and it looks beautiful!

      • But I love the uniqueness of your pointy closet! Could you do me a HUGE favor? I just posted a post about my master closet (removing walls), could you look at the picture I posted of one of the side walls. It appears to be holding up ceiling rafters or collar ties. The room is over the garage with nothing but insulation on the ceiling of the room. I’m just concerned if the walls are support for the ceiling or load bearing. I’ve read and read but I cannot find a good answer. Or maybe you can point me in a direction to find the answer. I would be very grateful!

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