Master Bath Reno #9 the Door edition

Now for a change of floors, we pop up to the 2nd floor and back in the master bath. We left off with trying to repurpose a set of solid wood panel doors that I cut down the middle.

1 cutting doorWe start by cutting the length of the doors down size. Simple enough – well, maybe not – we’ll see.

2 filling the holesOnce the doors were cut down I used the cut off pieces and made the filler pieces using a 2 1/4″ hole saw without the guide bit on a drill press. These were glued in place.

3 first hanging the doorI arranged the hole section of each door to be next to the walls.

4 door hinge detailTo hang the doors I used a euro style hinge made for thick overlay doors. These hinges will accommodate a door up to 1 1/2″ thick. I used three hinges per door.

5 door hinge close upThe hinges use a 40mm hole to recess the hinge cup into the door. I made a simple jig out of a thin piece of plywood to make sure all the hinges were aligned to the door edge.

6 all doors onAll the doors are up for their preliminary fitting. Don’t worry about the gaps. There was a major mistake staring me right in the face – can you spot it?

7 doors openThe doors have self closing hinges and work well on the 18″ wide doors.

info-1The thing is when you cut a door down the middle you have to do a little reinforcing. The cutting removes one of the stiles – and that’s an important structural element.

8 door rail stripSo we’ll add a strip of wood to cap the cut side. Glued and nailed, it will keep those pesky rails together.

9 door strip onHere you have the mini stile finished and in place.

10 cabinet detailWhile this is going on, we’ll put the side supports in the cabinet – this will reinforce the hinge area. While we’re at it we’ll prime and then paint the interiors with BM Impervo Waterborn enamel. Color is the same as the ceiling.

11 doors on finalHere the doors are painted and finished. I wanted them rustic and antiqued, my wife wants them white – well maybe I’ll get to glaze them later. The nice thing about the euro style hinge is you have three ways to adjust the hinge to give you a nice finished look at the door seam. The big mistake is right there, but I still don’t notice it.

12 door side viewThe doors overlay the cabinet frame. It’s about this time when I realized my mistake. Have you found it yet?

13 door mistakeFor those much more observant than me you probably spotted it at the beginning. This door seems curiously lower than the other door. Why? Because I cut it upside down!


All together now….   crap.


Hang in there – we’ll fix it somehow.



17 thoughts on “Master Bath Reno #9 the Door edition

  1. Too bad you couldn’t just flip it and adjust at the bottom … You could lift it up cut to match and either cut more off both bottoms or add something to the outside like a beaded frame

    • Hi Rosietta! Yep, can’t do the flip because the panels are all different in size. But we’ll fix it – and you’re right, it will involve cutting and adding.

  2. Hi Curt. You aren’t the first person who thought a full-size door might be better used as cabinet doors instead! 🙂 I’m sure when it’s all said and done you’ll get the look you intended. Luckily, you realized the need to replace the stile along the cut edge. Eventually the need for this would have become more apparent when the door panels started shifting! 🙂
    p.s. if you ever get bored or run out of projects, you’re always welcome to bring the family to friendly Finland where I can put a hammer in your hand and you can be mis-adventurous to your hearts content

    • Hi CJ! So what impressed you? My ability to cut the wrong end of a door? 🙂 Well, I appreciate the compliment – so now the pressure is on to fix it.

  3. Haha… not just us who make glaring errors then!!
    That is very reassuring.
    Having said that we are new to plasterboarding ( I think you call it drywall?) and a bit worried ours was not up to scratch. Well, it’s actually better then a neighbor’s “professional” job, which they apparently paid a “professional” to do

    • Yep- mistakes happen around here on a daily basis. I do my drywall – and really it’s easy to redo the joints with a little more compound until their super smooth.

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