Woman Cave #4 time to move to another project

Happy New Year to everyone. It’s been some time since my last installment at the Misadventures project. But I’ve been busy with the gallery and of course here at the renovation home.

1 bathroom wall framingNow that the tub has found it’s final resting place we can build a wall behind it. 1st a pressure treated plate is attached to the concrete floor with Tapcon screws. The 2X4 studs are then cut and screwed into place. I like to assemble the wall this way instead of putting it together on the floor and then sliding in place as a single unit. Being an old house nothing is uniform and this allows for minor variations in the old framing.

2 closet framingThe wall framing incorporates the brick support pillar so it will be invisible. I placed a small closet in this area as well.

3 closet doorI used an 18″ door for the closet. It’s a small place to store cleaning stuff.

4 whirlpool tub framingThe other side of this area will be used as an open shelf unit to hold spa towels.

5 basement wall framingI went as far as I could with the wall framing, incorporating the breaker panel into the wall. Spray foam will be added to insulate the walls.

This is a short post, as the weather has stopped this project until the ground thaws out. That cast iron drain line will go away and I’ll  add an egress window in the spring – then I can finish the wall framing and get to the pretty stuff!

Don’t worry, I’ve got lots of other projects to keep me busy until then.

Next up – back to the Master Bath….


2 thoughts on “Woman Cave #4 time to move to another project

  1. Hi Pearly! Yep, gets cold around these parts. We’re in the middle of the country, so it’s not as bad as up north – but not as nice down south. I’ve got lots to keep me busy – but I sure wish I could borrow some of that heat.

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