The Woman Cave #3

We continue with this epic renovation. I have slowed down the past couple of weeks because I do have a real job and this is the time of the year our gallery gets pretty busy.

1 tub baseThe cutout tub base top is starting to get built – upside down.

2 floor cutAnd while we’re at it – we’ll start cutting the floor up. I had pipe laid under the floors before the overlay of 4″ of concrete. Since I made the bathroom much bigger I now have to cut the paths for the new lines.* Note to self* Lay out the bathroom before you pump your basement full of concrete.

3 tub base doneThe path is finished! No problem!

4 floor cut additionBut we made the bathroom even bigger to accommodate the steam shower. So more cutting.

5 floor cut doneThat’s it – no more concrete cutting.

6 pantry startWe’ll get over to the pantry now and start building the walls. I use kiln dry pressure treated lumber for the bottom plates. I’ll build a new staircase once we’re finished with the walls. I also installed a new jet pump under the stairs so I can have well water for our garden.

7 bath wall framingNow over to work on the bathroom walls – I love variety.

8 floor beam cutI’m using full height doors down here, so I made temporary walls and cut the floor support away.

9 door framingThen re-framed with a smaller header for the new door. This area is not load bearing – so the header is more than adequate.

10 bath doorI used the same diffused glass for the door as in all the other bathrooms, but I made it a single large piece.

11 pantry doorAnd looking through the bathroom door, I used the same kind of door for the pantry. I think it gives the space more of a vintage steam room kinda look – but what do I know.

12 entrance layoutThe walls for the doors are in. You can see the layout has the pantry with two angled walls. This is the only way I could get the two entrances into the space. I wanted to avoid a straight wall with 2 doors. The bath door is on the left and pantry to the right. On the other side of the wall space between the doors there will be a refrigerator nook in the pantry.

Well, we’ll just keep keepin on….




9 thoughts on “The Woman Cave #3

    • Yep – I stay pretty busy, but I have three floors of unfinished projects so I have no choice. I haven’t even started to look for furniture, so you’re way ahead of me.

  1. It’s looking very good- Congratulations. Our new construction looks about the same at the moment. A couple things done differently; we added floor heating and we don’t have a tub. The heating elements are sandwiched between the 1st and 2nd concrete pourings, running beneath the entire ground floor. It will help to ensure warmth under-foot in winter, but also minimize dampness year-round = no mildew 🙂
    Here’s to a happy and safe holiday season!

    • Hi Kate! Thanks! Yes, the floor heating – yes you did it the right way. I have in floor heat in all the tiled floors – the mudroom and also in the 1st floor bath and 2nd floor master bath too. This one will get it in the bath area as well. But if I was planning ahead as you have – I would have it in the whole basement floor. But since I didn’t plan ahead. It’s just going to be under the bath area. A Happy Holiday to you and Pekka too!

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