The Woman Cave #2

So we realize that this basement project is going to get complicated – and probably expensive – so I can be comforted knowing that this project will be just like everything else here at MisAdventures.

1 electrical before

The first thing is to relocate the main bathroom plumbing – yep we moved this over from the center of the ceiling to the wall. Of course this is the plumbing for the only finished bathroom- so we do it again – but that’s the way we roll.

2 electrical viewObviously, the person who ran all this wire to the second floor didn’t think anyone would possibly want to finish the basement – so let’s just tack up some 1X4 and staple the wires to the floor joists.

3 electrical junction boxAnd since the breaker box looked like too much trouble to run the wires directly in there – let’s put a big old junction box and make connections there. These guys were definitely on crack. Now I checked with two electricians and both declined to work on this rat’s nest.

4 electric in progressSo like everything else, I did it myself. I took out all the remaining armor cable that was left in the house and ran all new cable. I pulled all the existing wire from the breaker box and ran new. I made a deal with my regular electrician that I would rewire the house and he would come and inspect my work and call in the inspection. Worked out great.

5 rewire boxThe box is a 200amp, so there is enough room to barely fit it all in – but we’ll wire from scratch to make sure.

6 support pole wallI placed a support column in the proper point load location – not the best place, but that’s where it had to be. It has a 2′ deep footer below to make sure the beam above is super stable – the 1st floor shower is right above this column. I made the wall angled to catch this column so I can enclose it in the wall. This will allow the new staircase to widen at the bottom making entering the basement more open.

7 bath areaSome people use CAD or SketchUp to design their spaces – but I prefer the traditional MisAdventures way – a couple of pieces of lumber. It gives a fantastic 3-D rendering that a flat screen just can’t duplicate.

8 bath wallAnd then you can simply add your design elements with a trash can, some lumber cut-offs and the bathroom just comes alive. Um, that’s the steam shower over there in the corner.

9 tub templateI took the whirlpool tub that was on the second floor and will use it down here. I’ve made a cardboard template from 4 strips of cardboard hot glued together.

10 tub surroundI’ll just trace it on 5/8″ plywood and and cut it out.

And we continue…


4 thoughts on “The Woman Cave #2

    • Hi Julia! Yep I think it will work out and make entering the basement a little less claustrophobic… that’s the plan anyways.

  1. So glad that someone else’s wiring looks like it was completed by a drunken sailor on holiday. Half our remodeling has consisted of us staring in disbelief and asking how this house didn’t catch fire years ago. Anyway, best of luck with your basement project!

    • Hi Sarah!
      It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? You wonder why more houses don’t burn down. Thanks for the good wishes…I need them. 🙂

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