The Woman Cave – The Basement #1

OK, you that have been with me from the beginning know one thing – this renovation has gone on way too long. We’re 5+ years and counting – and you know my wife has asked me a couple of times over the years, um…just when might we move into this place you play at everyday? So like any manly man – I puffed up my chest and walked right up to her and answered the question directly. No mealy-mouthed beat around the bush kinda guy here. I did what any sensible husband would do in the same situation – I asked her how big she wanted the steam shower in her new woman cave.

Since the weather has turned to winter, no more outdoor work for the time being. So I have turned my attention to the basement – which I have relinquished ownership to my wife.

So let’s get Started

1 basement plumbingLet’s take a little tour, shall we? All the plumbing and that hack job of electrical will have to go to get a smooth ceiling.

2 basement beforeAnd look at this place! A cave maybe, but Woman Cave never! Well, it’s time to make something out of this chaos.

3 basement stairsNot looking too promising – what a mess! New stairs are in order, and we’ve got a new washer and dryer upstairs in the mudroom, so this all has to go.

4 waterproofingFirst  up is waterproofing which is covered under the basement renovation links.

7 pour completeBut once I had the brand new floor poured I decided that I should have moved that pesky furnace – since I decided to rip out all the duct work and start over.

8 furnace teardownSo another little project in the making…

9 furnace goneAnd in no time we have no heat! Good thing it was summer.

10 floor patchedOf course then we have to patch the hole in the floor.

11 ductwork pileAnd a pile of old duct work the Heating and Air guy is trying to figure out how to git rid of.

Stick around – this could get interesting.



8 thoughts on “The Woman Cave – The Basement #1

  1. Thank you for stating that it has been ‘5 years in the making.’ I feel like I have been remodeling my kitchen in my head for 6 years…and now it feels like the tangible work is about to happen…what a process this remodeling stuff is…thanks for your blog post 🙂 Really enjoyed it. Best, Danielle.

    • Hi Danielle! Well at least you have a plan in your head. My wife thinks there’s nothing in mine 🙂 People don’t realize how many decisions need to be made. And if you’re like me and do 90% of the work yourself and design as you go – well, it’s harder than it looks on TV.

    • Thanks Susan – Yep, it is just one small project in the big renovation. The great thing about doing a whole house reno is there’s a project in every room 🙂

  2. A woman cave, and in a basement. Man, you have your work cut out for you! I have a fixer-upper in Boston for ya if you ever finish up. At least the bathroom doorknob is fixed!

    • Hi Margy! Work? I”m the odd bird that loves this stuff. She’ll love her cave when the steam shower goes in. On your fixer upper – check with me at the end of the decade when I will probably be finishing this project up… Thanks for stopping by.

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