Exterior Azek Trim #1

So the stone is finally up and now the ball is fully back in my court – so we better get busy!

1 trim instalWe left off here. The puzzle piece detailed in the last post goes here. You see the little wood pieces on the left side of the eaves – that’s to hold the trim boards as I put them up by myself.

2 detail right sideI’ve recessed the ‘porkchop’ – that’s what they call that triangular thing that is used to terminate the eaves as it intersects a gable. This house had a big boxed one even with the fascia, so recessing this panel back behind the wall face makes it much less noticeable. Also note that I used a cabinet style panel when the flat area in the eaves seemed too large.

3 detail left sideI also made a gable decoration that’s made of flat stock Azek. I wanted a little detail up there. The under eave material is Azek bead board run parallel to the fascia and frieze board trim.

7 gable decorationThe Azek trim is pvc, so it’s perfect up against stone. I prepainted it with two coats of BM White Heron soft gloss before I put up the trim. It’s attached with cortex screws and stainless steel 16ga finish nails.

4 right side eaveThe eave will get a soffit panel for a switched electric circuit and LED down-lighting.

5 panel apartThe panels are made just like cabinet doors out of Azek. The frame is made from 3/4 stock and the insert is 1/2 sheet stock. Pocket screws and pvc glue are used to keep it together.

6 panel togetherPut some pvc glue and 7/8″ nails in the panel and it’s ready to install. Cut the holes where needed in the panel first.

8 eave electricalI used these IN Box by Arlington electrical boxes to run under eave electric. Oh, you can use 14ga wire for the lights, but I ran 12ga almost everywhere.

10 eave finishedThe open sections will get hidden vent aluminum soffits. I’ll put 10 LED down lights around the house.

11 trim completeSo the old girl is starting to go back together. More stuff added next time – at least we’re going in the right direction.




6 thoughts on “Exterior Azek Trim #1

  1. You are literally touching every part of this house and doing it with such skill….and here I am worried about starting on my kitchen…so you make me want to just ‘suck it up’ and get started 🙂 Thanks!! Have a great Sunday…and happy remodeling 🙂

    • Hi Danielle! Thanks for the note. Yep, every part of this place is fiddled with. All electric, plumbing, HVAC and all ductwork is new. It’s a crazy project. Hope your kitchen project will be smooth sailing.

    • Thanks D’Arcy – it’s a long process that will take a couple more years – but hopefully it will get done in my lifetime 🙂

  2. Seems you have fully recovered from last year’s accident and are as creative and technical as ever. Beautiful work. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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