Veneer Stone #5 Finishing Up

Winter is closing in pretty quickly and I better get a move on some things if I want to have the siding up this year.

1 Wall WeepsThe stone belting goes from the front entrance to the stone mudroom – here are the rain screen weeps before their haircut.

2 Weeps GoneAnd after – they’re pretty much invisible, but will let any water out of the wall system.

3 patio repairThis part of the patio had to be repaired because water got under the slab and froze and dislodged the bricks – if you see that white strip to the left by the steps – that’s to space the stone to allow for some freeze movement to keep from damaging the masonry.

4 limestone patio stepsLimestone steps were used because they’ll age fairly quickly – and I want this place to look as though it was build years ago.

5 herringbone sidewalkI had the mason duplicate the herringbone pattern in the winding front sidewalk. Kinda Cottagy, don’t you think?

6 stone sawHe would do it on one condition – that I cut all the pieces to fit the complicated sidewalk. Here you see his 12″ brick saw that I became fast friends with over the course of this project.

7 azek spacerI had to use spacers under a lot of the brick work. I found strips of Azek worked best. It didn’t swell with water like plywood does and it is easy to remove after the mortar sets. Just drive in a screw –

8 azek spacer removealAnd it pops out will little effort.

9 trim puzzleNow it’s time to make things complicated. Here’s the first of many little trim projects. Made from Azek, the whole exterior trim is made from this stuff.

10 trim togetherSo pop the puzzle together with some PVC glue and stainless nails and it looks like this.

11 trim startAnd that little time waster will go right where the red arrow is pointing. Why? Because I gotta make it complicated. It’s a hobby, remember?

Fascias, Friezes and soffits are in my future – I just know it.




3 thoughts on “Veneer Stone #5 Finishing Up

      • Let me tell you how jealous I am of that fact! Roofs are nice and handy. We had horrible high winds on Halloween and it was 25* last night. Ah well, all in the name of progress. Your house is looking really nice, I bet it feels awesome when you look at it. What an accomplishment.

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