Veneer Stone #1 Go for it

This is the start of a new chapter in the Adventures series. I have puzzled over how to present this on the blog because the concepts are pretty simple, but the explanation is not so easy. As with all my projects there is a ton of research. but I get confused with just seeing it on paper – the best way to figure it out is just do it.

Step one – get the materials.  

I’m pretty lucky in the fact that we live in southern Indiana – the state with a lot of limestone quarries. Many of the buildings in Washington DC, as well as other big cities use limestone from our state. Now most veneer clad houses around here use the pre-cast concrete stone made to look like the real thing – would that work for yours truly?


1 U Haul TruckI found that I could get real limestone cheaper than the fake stuff – all I had to do is go get it to save shipping costs. So we went and rented the biggest truck we could find. Tiny Francia is behind the wheel.

2 Indian Creek StoneAnd off we went to Indian Creek Stone Products in Mitchel Indiana – about an hour and a half drive away. Simple  – well, not really.

3 Francia and Dave FranklinHere’s Francia and the Stone manager, Dave Franklin – he was a great guy to work with. And here’s why.

4 loading truckBecause I needed the biggest truck they had – it didn’t have a flat bottom in the cargo bed. The wheel wells stuck up about 6″. Here I’m deciding which pallet to unload and move to get past the wheel wells. If I had known what I was in for I would have built a wooden deck 6″ tall to make the bed flat. OK, next time.

5 stone loadingSo after an hour of moving each piece on two pallets ( Thanks Dave for the help) we were able to load the rest.

6 truck tireOnce all the veneer and cut stone was loaded, the truck wasn’t too happy. The suspension was resting on the rubber limiters that keep the tires from rubbing against the body. Sorry Mr. U-Haul.

7 stone in yardSo the trip coming back took twice as long – mainly because there’s a lot of hills and the big old truck topped out at 35 miles an hour going up hill. But it was a lot faster going down hill – yikes! But we made it and here sits several tons of limestone.

Now all we have to do is figure out how to get this stuff on the wall….


3 thoughts on “Veneer Stone #1 Go for it

  1. Been catching up with your work, and I had to laugh! I did this with our pickup truck and cinder blocks a few years back. Thankfully, my trip was only around the corner and about a mile away. Heavy loads are hard on breaking, so going 35 mph does not surprise me in the least. 🙂
    Your house is really looking good and I am glad that you are feeling better and able to get in there with both hands (and feet). 😀

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