Master Bath Reno #8

Well, it’s been a little while since my last post – lots happening, but short on time to report back to you, my bemused friends. As with every project in the house – I’ll be saying so long to the bathroom for a spell. There’s lots of other things to finish on the outside before winter – like side the house.

But for now, we’ll concentrate on this freestyle master bath design.

1 cabinet mountHere we start fastening the cabinets to the building – Since there is space between the cabinet back and the wall, we’ll use a ‘U’ shaped cleat to tie the two together.

2 vanity wall startThis will also serve as the base for the wall between the cabinets. I think I’ll put a vanity table there.

3 vanity wall finishThe wall is built with a space for a deep medicine cabinet – that will be the home of my wife’s girly lotions, makeup and stuff. If you notice, the cabinet shelf on the left is slightly lower than the one on the right. That’s because I’m taller and that’s supposed to be my cabinet – but whether I get a closet is highly suspect. 4 vanity mock upAs with everything in this project – we have to make some kind of mock-up to see if the design will work.

5 vanity cabinetI popped in one of the medicine cabinets I’m using above the sinks – the real one is called the Alfina Broadway single door 7″ deep cabinet. This one is a standard depth cabinet by the same maker..


6 old doorThen I had these old doors laying around from the Gallery renovation – so I cut them in two and will have to figure a way to make it look right.

7 double doorsI’m not certain how I’ll make these work, but my wife wants me to use them – so I guess we’ll all find out if, how, what and where this little adventure goes – sometime later this year.


Hang in there – we’re going the learn how to put limestone on an old house next.


11 thoughts on “Master Bath Reno #8

    • Hey Chad – good idea – I have a plug cutter to cut a piece for fill – then I’ll use your filler idea and some kind of finish – we’ll see.

    • Hi Julia! Thanks for stopping by – yes, that’s a good point. I think I’m gonna fill the holes and antique them – I have thick door euro hinges that I’ll have to retrofit – there’s a lot of trimming and other shenanigans to do to these doors before they get the final finish.

  1. If you are making these bi-fold doors, then make sure you put the handles in the center near the hinged join, and on the panel closest to the wall. Putting them on the outside panel makes it hard to pull them open and close them. Trust me…

    Wall side —> |_:| _| <— Outside ( : = handle)

    I hope my diagram translates when I hit the post button and WP takes over. LOL! I've had to change the placement of the handles on bi fold doors more than once because they were place on the wrong panel. (If you must have symmetry, then put a handle on both sides. 😉 )

    • Hi Lynda – sorry I missed your comment earlier. I’m getting ready to post on this topic. The doors are individually hinged, but your diagram is perfect 🙂

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