Master Bath Reno #5

Well the weekend is over and I’m pooped. I’m ‘working’ at the gallery recovering from two days of laying stone on the exterior…what I won’t do for blog post content. But today we continue the Bathroom saga – it’s like the rest of the house. Not finished. But there’s progress to report – and because more and more of you might think this old renovator is slightly off – I’ll leave out a lot of the tedious less glamorous stuff like plumbing insulation details and common wiring. But I will tell you that this bathroom was completely plumbed twice along with the rest of the house – but that’s a blog post for another day.

1 bathroom deconstructed

With the additional space we decided to enlarge the shower – slightly in width to 44″ and length to 76″. This will allow two rainshower heads and a shower bar. The vanity will be shrunk to 60″ wide.

2 shower controls The controls of the shower are Hansgrohe and are housed in their I box fixture rough in. The top one controls the rainshower heads and the bottom is for the shower bar. These are 3/4″ lines and the extra pipe is for the recirculating system to keep from the ‘cold water sandwich’ common with tankless water heaters.

3 insulationOK, I promised no details about insulation…move along, nothing to see here.

4 drywall startThe start of the drywall. The green and purple drywall is moisture resistant.

5 drywall finishAll the drywall is in and finished.

6 ceiling startThe start of the ceiling, yep another wood one. In the bathroom? There are lots of experts to tell you this is a big no-no. You’ll get warping and possible mold issues. I’m not worried – I run very high efficiency Fantech systems – one for the general bathroom and one specifically for the shower. The relative humidity will stay within the normal range. I’ll share the systems in a future blog post. Here the ledger boards are placed temporarily and the plywood backing is installed over the foam board.

7 ceiling raw

I used a 8″ wide double bead board T&G for the ceiling. The color scheme for the whole 2nd floor is pretty much white, so this will be white as well.

8 pocket doorPrimer is on and the pocket door is prepped with hanging hardware. You can see the master closet door in the distance.

10 pocket door closedThe door is hung and adjusted before the final casement trim is added so the door is plumb to the opening. This is obscure glass, like all of the glass doors in the house.

9 pocket door trimThe trim and casements are added.

What’s Happening Now

I wanted to throw in one more photo of what I was working on this past week – just so you know I’m being productive.

11 Closet trimThis is that pointy closet that we talked about here. I think the pointy room looks nice, but it’s not too functional. So I decided to panel it – we’ll see what becomes of this – right after we get that stone on the wall outside.

Hang in there boys & girls…only a couple more years to go.


8 thoughts on “Master Bath Reno #5

    • Thanks so much Pearly! Guess you’re getting ready for springtime there – winter will be here soon – I gotta get this place finished.

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