Master Bath Reno #4

Greetings fellow renovators – another installment in the never ending Misadventures Saga.If you don’t know by now, I’m a big advocate of designers and architects – someone who can visualize and plan your project. My problem is I get a ‘great’ idea when I’m almost done…such is the life of freestyle design.

For Example:

12 kitchen ceilingIn the last post I showed you my kitchen ceiling -obliterated – Remember?

1 kitchen ceilingIt looked like this before. The front section was drywall, the back section was plaster lathe. Originally there was a wall dividing this space. There was 1/2″ difference in the ceiling surfaces between the two rooms. I spent weeks patching and leveling the surfaces – filling old lighting and fan holes. And then? Why only to tear it all out because the bath floor was too weak for the load I was going to add with the tile floors and cast iron tub. I had decided by now a new sunroom was just the ticket – so that back wall had to go… and all new plumbing was needed – so…

2 kitchen demoHere’s what happened – I’m glad my wife wasn’t here that day. The ceiling was full of blown in insulation, old armor cable wire and tons of debris.

Now, where were we? Oh, upstairs in the master bath – I see changes on the way…

3 first frame showerThe first framing of the shower area – it will go in about the same place but will be a 40″ X 60″ tile shower with 9′ ceiling. A wide vanity space is next to the shower.

4 first frame bathOn the opposite side of the room the area behind the wall was a cold zone that I will insulate and finish for storage. Only to totally reconfigure this area because the sunroom will be constructed adjoining this wall.

5 chimney demoOf course this was the time when I decided to take down the chimney because it will no longer be needed with the high efficiency HVAC system. Details are here.

6 chimney gone This gave me more room for a larger shower. No problem, just a couple of walls will need to be moved, no major new construction. But since this is a hobby, my labor is free.

7 ceiling foamWhile pondering my new design opportunities, I proceeded with the ceiling. 3/4″ foam insulation is added over unfaced fiberglass. The foil side is faced up as a radiant barrier.

8 stair reno While doing that I got the idea to rebuild the staircase which I have elaborated in several posts here.

9 closet wall rebuildSo we push back the wall for the master closet to accommodate the longer staircase.

10 closet door And since the wall won’t allow a pocket door, a door with obscure glass to match the bathroom door is placed.

11 chimney patchWith the chimney gone I’ve got more space! Time to get the doodle pad out and think about the possibilities…





4 thoughts on “Master Bath Reno #4

    • That’s right Chad – the old saying ‘It takes one to know one” is a pretty accurate statement in this particular situation.

    • Hi Pearly! Sure I get lots of help. My wife drops off a sandwich from time to time. Maybe that’s why it’s been 5 years and counting. I’ve done most of the work myself. I do all structural – except I subbed out the concrete and the rough framing on the sunroom to save time. I do the electrical and have an electrician check the work and pull permits. There’s a lot more I haven’t posted on the blog yet. This past weekend was laying limestone on the exterior…and the story goes on…

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