Master Bath Reno #3

You may get a couple of rapid-fire posts as I have a little time between the exterior renovations – sort of a min-vacation for me. So I spend it writing this blog. I’m trying to get caught up on the blog with all the projects – but the truth is, I’m all over the place every day. I’ll work upstairs, then sprint outside to work on the exterior, then down to the basement to do a couple of chores in the new ‘Woman Cave’ something you haven’t seen yet.

So for now, let’s continue with the reno of the bath. This is a long post with lots of pictures, so hang in there.

1 tub liftI had already gotten the tub for the upstairs, well actually two tubs. The first one is in the crate, as it was damaged when I received it – the second one is just about ready to go on a little two-story journey. Speaking of story – there’s one behind this tub – I’ll post the story sometime.

2 tub through windowAnd up it goes…it weighs 450 pounds so this was the easiest way to get it to the second floor.

3 windows for 2nd floor Next comes the second floor windows, might as well since we rented the Loadall for this project.

4 master closet doorThe master closet with drywall installed – for about two days.

5 master closet windowAnd the window side of the closet. If you have followed along, you know this won’t stay like this for long. everything goes – including that little window.

6 bath windowThe large master bath window is prepped with Protecto wrap and with sill guard. This is way overkill. It’s now one big opening. A new header was added above. Previous owners seemed to have forgotten that structure is important.

7 bath window scaffoldingYou can see in the photo this was before I got the great idea to build a sunroom and patio. The slab for the mudroom is in place.

8 bath window installedThe new bath window in place.

9 closet demo startNow we hop back upstairs and start tearing that closet out – again.

10 closet demo doorYou can see all the drywall finishing I did – it was pretty good – but practice makes perfect they say…

11 closet demoIt’s all gotta go – why? Because I decided to make that new staircase that would be normal instead of a 45 degree rocket launcher. Should have thought about that earlier.

12 kitchen ceilingNow don’t be alarmed – this is the kitchen, not the bathroom. But the kitchen is right below the master bath. I spent a lot of time repairing the kitchen ceiling (we’ll have detailed posts later). But the bathroom floor joists were just too undersized to make a 450 pound cast iron tub with 40 gallons of water and a person or two feel happy. So we gotta do some structural modifications – and that means we have to say goodbye to the kitchen ceiling.


13 bedroom wall structureSpeaking of structure, upstairs we have to move the wall and the point load of that steel beam that helps hold up the roof. The wall is now directly over a wall below and transfers the load all the way to the basement footers. I feel better now.

14 lvl beamTo beef up the bathroom floor we’ll add some LVL lumber – these are laminated beams that are very strong and heavy – I put them in by myself.

15 lvl installationWe’ll put two right down the middle on either side of where the tub will be placed.

16 lvl glueThen every other floor joist will be sistered with an lvl or another dimensional wood joist. All will be glued and lag bolted together. This will make a nice strong floor system that will allow me to put a tile floor in properly.

17 level My wife gave me one of these fancy digital levels for Christmas. I had to stop using it, because if it wasn’t 0.0 on the level I’d spend hours getting that .01 degree to read zero. Anal retentive, I is.

18 string ceilingBut I did run ledger strings on the ceiling to get the surface as flat as possible for the new drywall.

Somebody help me….


6 thoughts on “Master Bath Reno #3

    • I do have a little problem with demo tools 🙂 All that remained of the original home was the basic structure. The tub will be set by the window – and even though the floor is now strong enough to place the tub anywhere – I’m not moving it from that spot, em…I don’t think so anyway.

  1. Oh boy, I’m tired just reading this! Curt, I love the windows and thank you, I think I may just have found my ideal bath tub style 🙂 This is certainly an amazing transformation

  2. Thanks so much! And I’m tired thinking about what’s next…but there’s a lot more to go. The tub is perfect for you – it’s a French style tub called a Bateau. I don’t have the expensive one from Waterworks, but it’s cast iron and deep. There’s a story about this tub with me driving to Cincinnati to have my wife sit in one before we bought it – Wow, I think I am a little off.,

  3. Man that’s a lot of work! I’m mid-mini-bath reno (paint, new cheap flooring and newer vanity) to get the house ready to rent and I’m already burned out. Don’t know how you do it 🙂

    • Thanks, Cat! Well, I’m 5 years in on this epic remodel…so too late to stop now. I burned out 2 years ago, but too stubborn to admit it.

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