Master Bath Reno #2

We left off last time with a very demolished room – the way I like ’em.

1 bath windowsWe’ve got big plans for this room, I tell ya. We’ll combine the two previous rooms into one. We’ll fix the structure and combine those little windows into one big one.  But it won’t be easy – as always, I get my best ideas right about time when it’s time to put on the paint. This space will not disappoint in that regard.

2 master closetThe flat topped master closet will be demolished and built a couple of times. Here it is before the first reincarnation.

3 master closet wallHere I’ve already jumped in with both feet and put up the closet wall and pocket door frame. This will be a waste of time. But it’s good practice – I am really good at framing pocket doors now.

4 master bath wallAnd the wall for the master bath – and another pocket door. I actually kept part of this wall in the final version.

5 bath ceiling removedNow to get rid of the 7′ ceiling. You can see the plastic dryer ducts for the bath fan – and the wiring quality is atrocious.

6 shower removedAnd we lose the fiberglass shower – all that remains is the plumbing. We’ll dispatch that shortly.

7 first shower framingHere’s the 1st attempt at framing the shower. Notice the chimney is still in this photo. Things will change again before this shower gets finished. The good news is it stays in the same space – well, the general area that is.

8 bath ceiling raisedSo we push up the rafter ties and add some angled pieces. Pop in some low voltage air tight light boxes, add some Fantec fans (two – one for the bathroom with two intakes and one for the shower)

9 light fixturesPictured is a typical new construction recessed light fixture on the left. It’s non-IC rated. IC is “Insulation Contact” you must keep insulation 3″ or so away from these. The right one is an IC rated fixture. This is a 4″ low voltage recessed light with electronic transformer and Air-Tight rated.These do help with air migration through the ceiling. I used these through out this project. Last count was about 50 …so I’m getting pretty good at installing these things.

10 bad junction boxSome people wondered why I re-wired my whole house. Here’s one example of stellar electrical expertise. Now you know why I replaced it all.

11 vanity mock-up An early vanity mock-up. I’m good at using cardboard and trash cans as stand ins for cabinets. I was trying the get the framing right for the twin medicine cabinets that go above the sinks. But it will change.

And the story continues…




4 thoughts on “Master Bath Reno #2

    • Thanks George – if I could only make up my mind before I start – but then that wouldn’t be as much fun. Thanks for stopping in.

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