Why Not – Let’s Start on the Master Bath

Here we are back at the Misadventures work zone. A couple of posts back I was working on the sunroom – something about the TV lift on order and we’d get back to finish that room up, remember? Well forget that for now because lots of other things are going on. The last two days I have been outside detailing the rainscreens and weeps and attaching wire lathย  for the limestone that goes on part of the exterior…what’s a rainscreen you might ask? We’ll deal with the exterior stuff in a latter post – right now I though I’d get the master bath torn up.

1 master bathThis is the only picture of the master bath I have without complete demo – this bath is located on the second floor to the right of the stairs. The door on the left opens into a little office / nursery kinda room. You can see I’ve already started tearing things up in the bathroom.

2 whilpool tub It had a whirlpool tub on a tiled plywood platform. Not great.

3 tub demoSo lets gut this place – I so love demolition.

4 view from officeI tore that wall down just so you could see the layout of the original bathroom. L to R – Toilet, old dresser turned into a sink vanity, fiberglass shower with tub front and center. It was kinda charming – but the ceilings were only 7′ feet high – so blamo! – it’s all gotta go.

5 view from stairFirst we’ll get rid of the wall and open this room up for some other possibilities….geeze I feel tingly all over!

6 walls downWalls are down so time to think about what to do next. Because? I had no plan.

7 looking towards closetLooking back towards the closet area that I will eventually revise and build three times. Freestylin design has it’s drawbacks.

8 demo viewI though about leaving it this way – has kind of a rustic urban charm, don’t you think?

9 chimney viewNothing in this picture will remain – nothing. Not the shower, not the chimney, nor the stairs. That wall on the other side of the stairway will be gone – as well as the ceiling. And even the wires will be replaced. I told you it was a total renovation – you’ll see,



8 thoughts on “Why Not – Let’s Start on the Master Bath

    • Ha, ha…YOU have the monster renovation project! If you’re going to follow along, please don’t be disheartened. I’m sure yours will go so much smoother than this one – that is if you have half a plan…something I’m lacking.

  1. I just have to ask this one question, Kurt? Do you have a wife?? Enjoying this renovation from a distance but not sure I’d like to live in the midst of it… Very interested to know where the stairs are going to end up…

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