Final Frontier – Wall Sheathing

Final Frontier – as in the last pieces of plywood sheathing are up! Sorry for the long delay, but I have been working non-stop everyday – and there’s lots going on here at Misadventures. Master bath, stone cladding, waterproofing – wow, I’m one tired puppy.

But let’s finish up the exterior sheathing so we can start getting pretty stuff on this blog.

1 final sidingTurning the corner into the home stretch – I’ve started removing the AZEK window surrounds that I put on a couple of years ago – because? Lack of planning.  I’ll make another set.

2 window frameThe new window surrounds are made like the first ones – the four pieces are cut and joined with AZEK glue – regular PVC glue will work, but I found that the bond strength seems better with the AZEK glue.

3 window siliconeThe pieces are assembled with a Kreg Jig. After the frame is joined a little silicone is applied to the pockets to keep water out.

4 siding tear offAll lower window frames are removed and siding is being stripped.

5 plywood going up1/2″ CDX plywood is overlaid and trimmed around the existing windows.

6 flashing detailKind of a detour – I forgot to mention that all inside wall intersections get an aluminum flashing – here is one piece formed ready to be installed at the junction of stone and siding trim at the back of the house.

8 flashing 2And at the front of the house. Stone goes over the black rainscreen to the left and Hardie siding will be applied to the right. The flashing is just a little extra protection in the corner.

9 window frames installationThe new window frames with back banding details are being installed.

10 window number 2And the next one going up…you’ll find the corners will be perfect if you assemble the frames as a unit , as opposed to installing one piece at a time on the wall.

11 window cortex screwThe frames are attached with Cortex Screws. These plugs are hammered in flush and they almost are invisible. All the trim will be painted, so they will really be hard to spot. There is a 3/8″ gap between the aluminum window frame and the AZEK trim to allow movement. A foam backer will be inserted in the space and then caulked.

12 final wall completeFinal window trim installed and ready for some siding.

We’ll jump up to the master bath for the next post. Stick around, we might get to something worth looking at this year!



8 thoughts on “Final Frontier – Wall Sheathing

    • Hi Jo – it’s pretty plain – parts are Indiana limestone and the rest is plain old white – just like when it was first built. Your place is looking fantastic!

  1. Hi Kurt, nice to see you again. I was beginning to worry that you might have had another altercation with a ladder! The house is looking lovely. I think what you call ‘siding’ we would call ‘cladding.’ Looking at all the layers and all the work that goes into creating them, I’m beginning to think that wood-frame houses are a whole lot more work to build than our brick and mortar ones.

    • Thanks for stopping by again. Yes, you are right, Siding and cladding are the same. And the detailing is much more complicated than a masonry house – of course, most builders just throw the things up and don’t worry about those pesky details 🙂

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