Building Sunroom Bookcases part 4

Well, we are still waiting for that TV lift to arrive from back-order so that I can finish the center cabinet. In the meantime we’ll add some more details to make the bookcases a little more attractive.

1 electric boxBut first we have to make them a little less attractive. Cabinet modification. You can see in the background a small ‘pancake’ box used for sconces – only problem is this type of box has a limited box fill. In other words, they won’t work in my situation to meet electrical code. So, I butchered the case and installed an octagonal box.

2 wiringOnce the boxes are in place I can run the wires up and over to the cabinet chases.

3 switch boxDown to the central cabinet with a junction and switch box.

4 plaquesAfter looking around for something decorative to add to the pilasters, I settled on these hand made 4″ X 8″ tiles by Terra Firma  a husband and wife team working in South Carolina. The tiles depict a Lupine flower – a native wildflower that I plan to add to the sunroom garden if I ever get to that point.

12-LupineThis is one of the varieties of Lupine.

5 templateI’m going to inset these into the block atop the pilasters. Since they are hand made and slightly irregular, I made a small template to be just slightly larger than the tile. The template is screwed down and my trusty 3/4″ router bit template is brought out again to make the outside frame for the router base to ride along. Just lay the router bit template against the tile template and build a frame around it.

6 router jig startHere you see version 2 of the router frame – the one in the background was a little too flimsy to get the job done. The router frame is screwed to the plywood and the router base glides along the inside frame.

7 router jig finishedFits pretty good – the inset is 1/2″ deep in 3/4″ poplar. The rounded corners were squared up with a utility knife and wood chisel.

8 placques insetWe made it through this step without breaking a tile – so far so good.

9 blocks mountedNow the blocks can be mounted and the rest of the top trim can be detailed.

10 shevels sandedThe face frames are sanded smooth to the shelf boxes and feathered out to a smooth paint transition.

11 bookcasesSo things are starting to look better – now if that darn TV lift shows up we can finish another project. Stay tuned.




6 thoughts on “Building Sunroom Bookcases part 4

  1. That is going to be such a beautiful room, you’re doing a great job. Fingers crossed for the TV cabinet so you can finish it of soon. I may have to “borrow” an idea or two for the bookcases here (which are just a LITTLE way off being needed!) Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks so much! You can borrow anything you want. Now I’m working on the outside – getting ready for thin limestone – but you – you have the real thing! I can only imagine what a beautiful home you will create in France – all the best in your efforts.

      • That made me laugh. Thank you for your kind words, but it’s taken over a year. We are just about to put our other house on the market, so my mid-century has taken a back seat right now. We did a little bit on the landscape but now that we are into the hot months, the rest will have to wait, plus we are a little short of money until the other house sells. Your remodel is looking very good also.

  2. Love the lupine tiles … lupines are some of my favorite flowers. The Weyerhaeuser headquarters up the road has vast fields of multicolored lupine in the spring … so beautiful.

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