Sunroom Ceiling – the trim edition

Well, we are almost to a spot to move on to other things in this renovation. Oh, it’ll still be the same room, but we’ll get off the ladder for a while and trim out windows and build a built in bookcase/ TV doodad.

primerFirst up is getting some primer on the walls. Since this is new drywall I like to use a sealer primer. I like most of PPG’s Speedhide products for this.

ceiling blocksI kind of got stuck on the ceiling design. As most of you know there’s not much planning around here at Adventures in Remodeling. I made the side beams and they meet at the top between a flat 2X4 ridge. So I whipped up these little soldiers to do the gap battle for me. They’re really just four 2X4 glued and nailed together to give me the width I need.

blocks in place Here’s the start of filling the gaps.The blocks cover the center 2X4 and tie the two side beams together.

center panelNext we make the center panels. Just some #2 white washed pine with a bevel edge. The holes are cut for the chandelier electrical boxes.

center panel in placeNow the center panels are in place and we have a gap to fill between the side beams and the center panel edge.

block spacersSo I made up some little spacers and glued and nailed them in place. Then I decided I wasn’t fond of those pointy little spacers – after the glue had dried.

revised block spacersSo I made a little template and got out the oscillating saw and cut the pointy thing off all 12 of them. Haste makes waste they say…

ceiling caulkedThen it’s time to caulk – and I’m really good at this. I use a good 100% acrylic latex painters caulk. I have projects that still look good years after caulking with that stuff.

trim boards paintedThen all we have to do is cut up some trim boards and paint them all up pretty.

trim boards in placeI cut the trim boards to fit between the side beams. I made them narrower in width so the side beams sat proud of the trim.

trim boards finishedThen we add the wall trim and we can put away the ladder for a while. Oh, except for trimming out the octagonal window. Then there’s the lights on the beams – oh, and the surround sound speakers. But let’s not push my luck.

I haven’t fallen off the ladder yet –


6 thoughts on “Sunroom Ceiling – the trim edition

    • Thanks Karen – now to tackle the bookcases – we’ll see if I create my way into a corner. Thanks for stopping by.

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