Sunroom Ceiling – continued

We have the main part of the ceiling up – but it’s trim time and confessions. Yep, there were plenty of mistakes on this project. But being the freestyle project it is – we’ll fix them as we go.

ceiling light installFirst was cutting the holes for the recessed lights. The one on the left was the 1st one I cut – as a circle. It looked a little off, so I went hunting for the ceiling light paperwork.

light templateAnd right there on the paper that’s inside every fixture it says do not cut a circle. OK.

ceiling light round holeThe trim ring still covered this, but it was mighty close. So I mixed up some water-based wood filler and built up the circle back to the recommended oval. I always add a little tight bond glue to the putty – it makes a very strong material that sticks to the wood.

side beam buildHere is the construction of the side beams – these will go below and above the cross beams.

side beam assemblyThese are glued and clamped and shot with a few 15ga nails. These are 8 feet long. Long enough for the top and bottom beam.

saw side beamEven though I have a pretty big blade on my saw, I still needed a handsaw to finish the deep cut for the angle.

side beam test fitA test fit on the beams to make sure the angles were correct. This shows the upper beam – they’re just stuck up there to test – that’s why the front right one is droopy.

side beams paintedNext we paint and finish them all up. Short ones go above the beam, the long ones go below.

side beam mounting blockThe side beams go over the 2X4 nailer. Additional plywood goes on the nailer before the side beam is attached. The side beams are fastened using 15ga nails nailed through the face of the beam.

side beam install startThe side beams fit between the relief of the main cross beam. The bottom angle is cut to fit flush with the side wall.

There’s lots of fiddling to do before we can put away the ladders.



2 thoughts on “Sunroom Ceiling – continued

    • Hey! Don’t you know it – you think an old guy like me would learn from experience – but cut a circle I did…

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