Wood Slinging – T & G Ceiling

Now we have the plywood base up there it’s time to put up some character. First up is wrapping the collar ties with pine. I’ll make a 3 sided box like this:

beam wrapThese slip over the bottom of the collar ties and will allow me to wire up the track lighting from the top.

joint detailsI used a routed joint with a 1/4″ reveal for the boxes – this makes a strong joint and adds some detail.

beam wrap in progressThe beams are wrapped first before the main body goes up.

saw angle blockThe top angle of the beams were more than 60 degrees, so I used a cheater block to get the proper angle. This sits flush with the fence to add more angle.

saw angle viewThis makes it possible to repeat the angle cut past 60 degrees.

side beam nailersThe side beam nailers are placed next. These will be wrapped with pine as well.

whitewashed woodI’ll use 8″ tongue and groove pine with a whitewashed finish. I have a lot of experience with this type of finish, as I did my art gallery fixtures this way 20 years ago. Just take any flat latex paint and thin it to about 50%. The piece on the right has an even coat of thin paint. The one on the left has been sanded down. Want more grain to show through? Then sand a little more – less grain? Put on a little more paint.
Then coat with a layer of Diamond Clear Varathane floor finish and you’re good to go.

wood ready to go inOf course you have to finish 600 lineal feet for the ceiling…

wood startThe individual planks are butted to the side beam nailers and it goes pretty quickly.

wood finishAnd before you know it, the first phase is done! Lot’s more trim work to do before we can put away the ladders.

Stick around – we might get this room done yet.



12 thoughts on “Wood Slinging – T & G Ceiling

    • Hi D’Arcy! I’m glad you have recovered and are back at making your beautiful house even more so. Yep, that room will really be a sunny sun room. I’m trying not to fall off that 10′ ladder – but I’ll bend my knees if I do. 🙂

  1. Looking good! It’s a great feeling I bet to see the room coming along. Finishing the ceiling makes the room seem totally different. Nice reveal detail on the beams too.

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