Sunroom Fiddling

The sunroom is getting some attention because it’s so darn cold and snowy outside. I want to make this room a little more rustic and relaxed, so my idea is to get a wood ceiling up there somehow. First we have to button up the insulation package.

foam insulation

The foam insulation is in place. All gaps and cracks at the collar ties are foamed to decrease air infiltration.

insulation tape detailsThe side walls are 2X6 with R-19 fiberglass. The ladder set up is pretty much the same as the death trap I put together before my big fall.

ladder set upBut this time I clamped a smaller ladder to the side of the larger ladder to make a pretty stable base. No falls this time.

drywall startThe start of the drywall. The drywall must go up first so I can get the plywood aligned for the ceiling.

forgot the speaker wiresAbout this time my wife Francia stopped in and I was explaining the surround sound speaker locations and realized – I had no speaker wires for the back speakers – so out comes some foam insulation and wires go in. Better now than later.

drywall wall detailsSo the drywall gets hung – and I’m pretty happy. I’m doing this by myself and it seems to be going OK. Only it takes a long time. I have to take the ladder rungs one at a time. Step up – bring bad leg up – then next step bring bad leg up. It’s taking 3X as long.

switch wallHere is the switch wall headquarters. I wanted all of the 3 way switches for the kitchen lights here, as well as the sunroom lights all in one place. That way all the other walls are free from switches and I won’t get confused with what wall has what switch for what lights. The two 3 gang boxes to the left have sunroom lights and fan switches – the two 2 gang boxes next to them have the kitchen light switches.

switch layoutI sometimes have a hard time with cutting the drywall just right around boxes that already have the switches installed. A rortozip works great when you have a box without switches, but this layout technique works well. Measure or place the drywall below to get the box sides location and mark those lines on the drywall. Take a piece of square cut cardboard and mark the top and bottom of the box opening.

switch templateTransfer the marks onto the drywall. (The mark at the bottom lines up with my template – just a bad angle in the picture.)

layout linesOnce the lines are on – just cut to the marks.

finished switch wallOf course all of this creates quite a lot of dust.

dirty dirty shoesThis is why I suggest to my wife that leaving shoes around this place is a bad idea – unless you’re wearing them.

We’ll make it – one shaky step at a time. Stay tuned.



13 thoughts on “Sunroom Fiddling

    • Thanks old friend – us veteran renovators are a hardy, but perhaps optimistic lot. But as you know, if there’s a will and half baked idea – there’s bound to be a way. Thanks.

  1. Well done! Great to hear that you are back in the thick of it. Slow progress it may be but it is progress. Glad you found a way to secure the ladder 🙂
    Look forward to hearing and seeing more soon.
    We are also underway again I’ll be posting an update this weekend.

    • Thanks so much – I’ll try to stay upright this time around. I hope your home in the UK has found new owners and the Fun -in-France adventure is ready to commence. I’ll be watching.

    • Thanks Jamie – half the fun is getting there – the other half is taking a nap in a finished home. Thanks for stopping by.

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