West Gallery Renovation part 4 – Floors part 1

I’m finally getting around to putting some new floors in this place. But it wasn’t easy. Lot’s of issues with trying to straighten out an old farmhouse floor with a hump in the middle and numerous patch jobs – but it’ll be worth it.

Fran rest green roomHere’s Francia taking a rest from clearing the middle ‘green room’ gallery. To the right is the glass gallery entrance. The doors and casings will be removed momentarily.


The area cleared and a temporary wall of cardboard and plastic going up – we have to keep the business open to pay for the new floor and have a way to get in and out of the space easily.

front gallery bareThe front area being cleared to start getting the tile and sub floor up.

black paintWhile the old carpet is down – I’ll paint the walls and ceiling in this middle room – black.

tile removalFirst we get the vinyl floor tiles up.

tile clean upOnce that’s up it’s time to get the 1/4″ underlayment torn out. That’s a stack of floor #3 by the wall. See explanation below.

subfloor removedThe sheets of underlayment were removed to show the patchwork floor of the original house. The square in the lower left was the space for the chimney.

plywood going downI used 3/4″ plywood to cover the whole floor. There was a hump that bisected the room that had to be ground down with a floor sander because it would show when viewing from the other gallery space that is three feet lower. Layers of felt paper are used to shim slight dips to create a flat floor.

black room finishedLooking back in the now painted black room.The doors on the glass gallery room have been removed and new smooth casings are being fabricated to trim out the door openings.

floor 1Now to the floor – ah if it were only that easy. You see, this is floor number three. The first one came in and it was an oak floor – with a finish that looked like a 1980’s kitchen. Kinda brown with some salmon thrown in. Ugly and nothing like the sample. “Take it back” I said. #2 arrived as another oak floor. Supposedly hand scraped but looked like a machine made little grooves that looked like crap to me – and again, nothing like the sample. “Take it back” I said. So finally I found this 3/4″ hand scraped hickory floor – “great! I’ll take it”. Only one problem they said “It usually comes in three widths – 2/12″ 31/2″ and 5″ – we don’t have the middle one”. “great! I’ll take it”. So that’s why there’s only 2 widths and I like it this way. It looks a little more contemporary to me.  The linear element is even more pronounced as the sight line of the floor is 40′ long.

floor 2The floor is hickory, so it’s hard as heck. The hand scraped finish was important because it will hide dings and dents that are sure to happen in a commercial space.

floor 3The medium variegated color will work well with the fixtures and furnishings that will go in the space. The tone is not too dark or light and will not show dust or dirt as easily as other more uniform colors.

We’ll finish it up next time and get some stuff to sell in here.



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